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Issue Details

Issue #34
Published May 1993
Cover Price 1.75
Pages 36
Editing Tom Defalco (editor-in-chief), Danny Fingeroth, Mike Lackey (assistant editor)

Cover Details

Characters Spider-Man, Master of Vengeance, Punisher
Genre superhero
Pencils Bob McLeod
Inks Bob McLeod
Letters ?, typographical

22 page Spider-Man story "Vengeance Is Mine! (Vengeance, The Conclusion)"

Characters Spider-Man, Master of Vengeance, Punisher, Mary Jane Parker, Sharon Munro
Synopsis Spider-Man fights to defeat the Master of Vengeance -- and to keep the Punisher from killing him
Genre superhero
Script Steven Grant
Pencils Bob McLeod; Lee Weeks
Inks Bob McLeod
Colors Kevin Tinsley
Letters Chris Eliopoulos

1 page Crawl Space letters page

Letters typeset