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Issue Details

Issue #29
Published March 1954
Frequency monthly
Cover Price 0.10 USD
Pages 36
Editing Stan Lee

Cover Details - "The Vampire Man"

Genre Horror
Pencils Joe Maneely; Carl Burgos [Vampire Figure]
Inks Joe Maneely (?); Carl Burgos [Vampire Figure] (?)

5 page story "The Vampire Man"

Synopsis This story postulates the Jack the Ripper killings were done by a hateful hunchback who wanted to become a vampire so he could kill mortals, but was repulsed by the sight of blood, so vampires killed him when he could not fulfill their condition that he partake of human blood before new year's eve.
Genre Horror
Pencils Larry Woromay (?)
Inks Larry Woromay (?)
Notes Larry Woromay credit a guess by M. Vassallo

2 page text story "The Black Box"

Genre Horror
Letters typeset
Reprinted from Journey Into Unknown Worlds (Marvel, 1951 series) #11 (June 1952) [originally titled "Endless Steps"]

5 page story "From Out of theā€¦Grave"

Synopsis In old England, a hunch backed grave robber named Grimm makes his living digging up corpses and selling them to doctors to experiment on illegally. When the doctors are finished they have Grimm dispose of the bodies. In stead of putting them back in their graves Grimm simply tosses them in the river. One night however, the offended dead rise from their watery graves to get revenge against him, frightening him to death. When a new grave robber beings working for their doctors, his first dig is ironically Grimm himself.
Genre Horror
Pencils Gene Colan
Inks Gene Colan
Reprinted in Tales of the Zombie (Marvel, 1973 series) #2

5 page story "The Man Who Walked the Plank"

Synopsis After a pirate captain's ship is sunk, he finds himself surrounded by sharks, floating on the plank he has forced many to walk off of. His undead victims from Davey Jone's locker jostle the plank, forcing him to walk it, until he tires and falls prey to the sharks.
Genre Horror
Pencils Werner Roth
Inks Werner Roth (?)

4 page story "The Faceless Ones"

Synopsis The first space flight from Earth finds the astronauts landing in Hell.
Genre Horror
Pencils Myron Fass
Inks Myron Fass

4 page story "The Horrible House"

Synopsis A wealthy man dreams of an atom bomb wrecking his house and burying him alive, so he goes into the country where he thinks he is safe and has a house built. The construction men warn him that the ground is soft, but he disregards their warning, and the entire house sinks beneath the earth with him inside.
Genre Horror
Pencils Al Eadeh
Inks Al Eadeh
Reprinted in Beware (Marvel, 1973 series) #5