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Issue Details

Issue #135
Published March 1967
Cover Price 0.12 USD
Pages 36
Editing Richard H. Goldwater

Cover Details - "Op Makes the Boys Stop!"

Characters Archie Andrews; Betty Cooper; Veronica Lodge; Reggie Mantle; un-named Riverdale High students
Genre Teen; Humor

6 page Archie's Girls Betty and Veronica story "Of Dates and Nuts"

Characters Archie Andrews; Betty Cooper; Hiram Lodge; Veronica Lodge; Reggie Mantle; un-named saleslady
Synopsis Reggie and Veronica are hiding behind a tree across the street from the bowling alley. Archie and Betty get kicked out of the bowling alley (literally). We then learn what happened - Archie tells Betty that she shouldn't have rolled the bowling ball through the juke box. Betty says it was an accident - the ball ricocheted off the manager's knee. Betty then tells Archie that she'll see him tomorrow, and the two head their separate ways. This angers Veronica, who quickly pushes Reggie aside and storms off. When Archie gets home, Veronica is there waiting for him and says that he may take her out on Tuesday. Archie explains that this is the night he and Betty are collecting their prize for leading in the scholastic sweepstakes. Veronica then goes to find Betty and decides that Betty has to dress in the latest style if she's going out with Archie. She proceeds to pick out a wild flashy outfit, and Betty thinks this is a bit extreme. Veronica tries to convince Betty that this is the typical style for Dimmy's Discotheque, and pays off the saleslady to say that it would be a perfect outfit for Betty's date. Tuesday night arrives and Betty shows up at Archie's door in the wild outfit - only to find out that it's a formal dance at Riverdale Country Club. Archie tells Betty to go put on a formal gown, but Betty refuses to go without a new formal, and shoves Archie out the door, telling him to take Veronica instead.Veronica is of course all dressed and waiting for him. Archie and Veronica head off to the club, talking about Archie's memory - only to arrive at the club and find that it's closed on Tuesday, and Archie can't remember when the dance was.
Genre Teen; Humor
Pencils Harry Lucey
Inks Harry Lucey
Notes No credits given, but artwork is clearly Lucey's.

1 page Li'l Jinx filler "Cold Cuts"

Characters Li'l Jinx; Merry Holliday
Synopsis Li'l Jinx comes home and tells her mom that she's hungry. Her mom tells her that there are cold cuts in the fridge and to help herself. In the last panel, we see Li'l Jinx with an open carton of ice cream, cutting large square slabs of ice cream (sort of like butter).
Genre Children; Humor
Script Joe Edwards
Pencils Joe Edwards
Inks Joe Edwards
Letters Joe Edwards

6 page Betty and Veronica story "Drag Drama"

Characters Archie Andrews; Betty Cooper; Hiram Lodge; Veronica Lodge; Moose Mason
Synopsis Betty and Veronica walk past the local drag strip where several boys are out working on their cars.They get annoyed when none of the boys notice them. Both agree to meet again in an hour and go home to put on their full "battle regalia". Soon, Veronica shows up at the drag strip again wearing a miniskirt. When the boys again ignore her, she stands there tapping her foot at Archie, who asks if there's something wrong with her shoe. Veronica says that there's something wrong with his eyes, and she'd like to see a car try to wear a miniskirt. Moose replies that he'd like to see a girl wear white-walls, and Betty, laughing, says he's right. Betty is now wearing a hat and a Riverdale Dragsters shirt, saying she'd do anything to be near Archie. Veronica says she doesn't need gimmicks to get the boys, and asks Archie to "come hither". When she doesn't get a response, she yells at who she thinks is Archie. The boy says that he's not Archie - he's Harry, and points that Archie is under the car. Veronica storms off, vowing to have the boys eating out of her hand. On the day of the race, we see Veronica and her dad standing near the drag strip. Veronica is holding a large gold trophy that her father donated at her request, although Mr. Lodge doesn't seem to be too thrilled. Archie, after losing his race, asks Veronica for a date, but she declines, saying that her dad has arranged a night of entertainment for her and the winner. A photographer says he'd like to take a picture of Veronica presenting the trophy to the winner, and Mr. Lodge says that they're finishing the last heat. Veronica tells Archie that she's flattered that all the boys would work so hard just to be with her, as the winner crosses the finish line. Veronica says that it's a shame Betty isn't there to see her moment of glory. In the last panel, we see Betty sitting in the winning dragster, taking off her helmet as she tells Veronica that she is there.
Genre Teen; Humor
Pencils Harry Lucey
Inks Harry Lucey
Notes No credit given, but artwork matches that of Lucey.

1 page advertisement "Archie Quarter Comics"

Characters Archie Andrews
Synopsis An ad for the latest Archie Giant Series titles - each costing only a quarter.
Notes Titles available in this offer: Archie Annual #18; Archie's Pals 'N' Gals #38; Little Archie #41; The World of Jughead #143; Archie's Christmas Stocking #144; Archie's Mad House Annual #4; Tales Calculated to Drive You Bats (no number); Betty and Veronica Spectacular #138; Betty and Veronica Summer Fun #140; Around the World With Archie #141; Archie's Jokes #139; Super Heroes vs. Super Villains #1; Archie's Super Hero Special #142. Most of these were numbered consecutively. Offer never expired.

5 page Betty and Veronica story "The Reputation"

Characters Archie Andrews; Betty Cooper; Jughead Jones; Veronica Lodge; Mr. Waldo Weatherbee
Synopsis Betty is talking to Archie about Veronica's reputation as a boy chaser. Archie doesn't believe it. Soon, Veronica is seen flirting with some random Riverdale High boy. Betty, seeing Mr. Weatherbee nearby, runs to warn Veronica, but ends up slipping and crashing into a boy walking out of a nearby classroom, knocking him onto the floor. Mr. Weatherbee sees Betty on top of the boy and thinks she's chasing him. Betty heads off to her next class, as a couple of boys are playing basketball in the hallway. She walks by one of the boys just as his friend throws the basketball, and the boy ends up crashing into Betty. Mr. Weatherbee sees the other boy trying to untangle Betty and his friend, and again thinks Betty is chasing after the boys. Betty stumbles off, short of breath, and decides to hang onto Jughead for a second until she catches her breath, only to have Mr. Weatherbee see this as well. Jughead runs off, and Mr. Weatherbee has a quick chat with Betty about being boy crazy. He then calls Veronica over and tells her to stick close to Betty. He then tells Veronica to try to curtail Betty's boy-chasing activities, but Betty doesn't realize this. Mr. Weatherbee asks Veronica if she thinks she can do it, and both girls reply saying that he can count on them.
Genre Teen; Humor
Pencils Harry Lucey
Inks Harry Lucey
Notes No credits given, but artwork appears to be by Harry Lucey.

6 page Betty and Veronica story "Footwork Frolic"

Characters Archie Andrews; Betty Cooper; Jughead Jones; Veronica Lodge; Reggie Mantle; Mr. Waldo Weatherbee
Synopsis Archie is mad that Veronica won't enter the dance contest with him. Veronica says that she's going to go with Reggie, because Archie needs some professional instruction. Archie decides to take dancing lessons. Betty says she'd never thought it was possible, but Veronica says she just doesn't know how to handle Archie. As a beautiful girl enters the dance school, Veronica finds it surprising that she wouldn't know how to dance. Betty says that the girl does know how to dance and that she's a teacher. They then watch as beautiful girl after beautiful girl enters the dance school - all of whom are teachers. The next day, Veronica gets knocked off her feet by Archie, who is in a big hurry - saying he mustn't be late. Jughead says he doesn't want to be late for dancing class. Another day, Betty watches as Jughead gets trampled by something running by. She asks Jughead what it was, and he says Archie on his way to dancing class. On yet another day, Betty and Veronica both get knocked over by Archie, and they say they'll have to remember not to take that street until Archie finishes his lessons. Veronica then decides that Archie is a little too eager to get to class, so they decide to go spy on him. Inside the studio, they see Archie happily dancing a conga line with three of the beautiful instructors. Veronica pulls Archie out of the dancing class and says she thinks it's wonderful that he's decided to take lessons. Archie says he's thinking of signing up for a lifetime course. Veronica rushes to her house with Archie, saying she can hardly wait to see what he's learned. They dance, and Archie continues to step on Veronica's feet, but she ignores the pain. She decides to go to the contest with Archie instead. At the contest, Reggie dances with Betty and wonders why Veronica chose Archie instead. Archie is annoyed that he and Veronica didn't win, as Veronica winces in pain due to Archie stepping on her feet. Betty tells Reggie that she thinks Veronica just likes to suffer.
Genre Teen; Humor
Pencils Harry Lucey
Inks Harry Lucey
Notes Artwork is recognizable as Harry Lucey's although no credits are given.