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Issue Details

Issue #4
Published October 1983
Cover Price 1.75 USD
Pages 36
Editing Bill Black

Cover Details

Characters Dragonfly
Genre superhero
Pencils Jerry Ordway
Inks Jerry Ordway
Colors Rebekah Black ?
Letters typeset

1 page Starmasters promo (ad from the publisher) "Starmasters"

Genre science fiction
Script Bill Black
Pencils Paul Gulacy
Inks Paul Gulacy
Colors B&W
Letters typeset
Notes House ad for Starmasters (AC, 1984 series) #1

14 page Dragonfly story "Dragonfly"

Characters Kenneth Francis Burton Jr.; Nancy Arazello [Dragonfly] (debut); Dragonfly [John Howard Gallegher] (cameo flashback); several air force pilots; Kuromoko (drug manufacturer); unnamed giant; Richard Trent (police inspector)
Synopsis Kenneth plans to reenact the supernatural ritual that turned the late John Howard Gallagher into the super-hero Dragonfly; however, his girlfriend Nancy walks in in the middle of the ceremony and becomes the new Dragonfly, instead. She fights a giant created by some unscrupulous drug manufacturers.
Genre superhero
Script Rik Levins
Pencils Rik Levins
Inks Kevin Dzuban
Colors Rebekah Black
Letters Bob Pinaha
Notes Dragonfly © Rik Levins
Reprinted in FemForce Up Close (AC, 1992 series) #3 (October 1992) [first five pages]

1 page Captain Paragon promo (ad from the publisher) "On Sale Soon!"

Genre superhero
Pencils Greg Guler
Inks Mike Machlan
Colors Rebekah Black ?
Notes House ad for Captain Paragon (AC, 1983 series) #1

5 page The Shade story "The Night Has a Thousand Screams Part II"

Characters Roger Brant (The Shade); thief
Synopsis While coming to terms with his existence, Roger Brant is almost killed when a thief breaks into his house.
Genre occult; superhero
Script Rik Levins [as Ric Levins]
Pencils Rik Levins [as Ric Levins]
Inks Willie Blyberg [as Willy Blyberg]
Colors Rebekah Black [as Reb Black]
Letters Tim Bove
Notes Part 2 of 2.

10 page Atomic Mouse story "Backward, Turn Backward, O Time In Your Flight"

Characters Atomic Mouse; Count Gatto (cat villain); Prof. Invento; Fagan (mutant mutt); Shadow (The Count's right-hand man)
Synopsis Returning from space where he'd been transported thru trickery 20 years ago, Atomic Mouse finds his enemy Count Gatto has created a giant robot which has enslaved his home town. But not for long!
Genre superhero; funny animals
Script Martin L. Greim
Pencils Martin L. Greim
Inks Al Bradford
Colors Martin L. Greim
Letters Martin L. Greim
Notes Atomic Mouse created by Al Fago in 1953. Last appearance in Atomic Mouse (Charlton, 1953 series) #54 (June 1963). Story intended for Charlton Bullseye (Charlton, 1981 series) before it was cancelled. Atomic Mouse © Charlton Comics.

1 page Black Diamond promo (ad from the publisher) "Mindkill! Darkfire is back with murder on her mind!"

Genre spy
Script Bill Black
Pencils Paul Gulacy; Don Secrease
Inks Paul Gulacy; Kevin Dzuban
Colors Rebekah Black ?
Notes House ad for Black Diamond (AC, 1983 series) #3

1 page Atomic Mouse illustration "Atomic Mouse"

Characters Atomic Mouse; Count Gatto
Genre superhero; funny animals
Pencils Martin L. Greim
Inks Al Bradford