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Issue Details

Issue #12
Published October 1988
Cover Price 1.00 USD
Pages 36
Editing Carl Potts; Marc McLaurin (Assistant)

Cover Details

Characters Punisher; Lydia Spoto; Samson Family Members
Genre superhero
Pencils Whilce Portacio
Inks Scott Williams
Letters Typeset

21 page Punisher story "Castle Technique"

Characters Punisher; GUESTS: Microchip; Ortiz; VILLAINS: Gary Saunders (death); Lydia Spotto; Samson Family Members
Synopsis When he discovers that a brutal death row inmate's girlfriend plans on breaking him out of prison, the Punisher beats her to the punch by doing it himself; The girlfriend turns up, however, and proves to be way past crazy as she kills Saunders, steals the Punisher's ride and leaves him for dead in the desert.
Genre superhero
Script Mike Baron
Pencils Whilce Portacio
Inks Scott Williams
Colors John Wellington
Letters Ken Bruzenak