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Issue Details

Issue #17
Published March 1989
Cover Price 1.00 USD
Pages 36
Editing Carl Potts; Marc McLaurin (Assistant)

Cover Details

Characters Punisher; Vernon Brown; Conchita Ortiz
Genre superhero
Pencils Whilce Portacio
Inks Scott Williams
Letters Typeset

22 page Punisher story "Computer War"

Characters Punisher; GUESTS: Microchip; Vernon Brooks; Conchita Ortiz (death); VILLAINS: Kingpin; Jeremy Wilson; Mr. Lem (death); Mr. Wong; George Wong
Synopsis The Punisher has to destroy his battle van to get away from Kingpin's battle tank; Kingpin hires Mr. Wong and his nephew, George, to crunch his numbers while his computer is down and they bring along an assassin to deal with the Punisher as well; Lem infiltrates Punisher's house and kills Conchita before the Punisher can take him down.
Genre superhero
Script Mike Baron
Pencils Whilce Portacio
Inks Scott Williams
Colors Janet Jackson
Letters Ken Bruzenak