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Issue Details

Issue #50
Published February 1993
Cover Price 2.95 USD
Pages 52
Editing Mike Rockwitz; Tom DeFalco (chief)

Cover Details - "Guest Starring: Ghost Rider! Hulk! Silver Surfer!"

Characters Doctor Strange
Genre Superhero; Occult
Pencils Geof Isherwood (s)
Notes partial chrome enhanced cover
Reprinted in Dottor Strange (Marvel Italia, 1995 series) #1

38 page Doctor Strange story "The Heart of Darkness"

Characters Doctor Strange; Secret Defenders; Ghost Rider; Hulk; Silver Surfer; Dormammu; Vishanti (C); Ygothic Cyclopaens; G'uranthic Guardian; Mindless Ones; Clea; Adolf Hitler (C); Wong (C)
Synopsis Doc recruits a new group of Secret Defenders to shore up his loss of power and fight Dormammu in the Dark Dimension.
Genre Superhero; Occult
Script Len Kamanski
Pencils Geof Isherwood
Inks Geof Isherwood
Colors George Roussos
Letters Pat Brosseau
Notes Issue sold 225,000 copies per letter column issue 52; The Hulk watches Terminator 2 on the VCR and invites Silver Surfer to watch it with him.
Reprinted in Dottor Strange (Marvel Italia, 1995 series) #1