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Issue Details

Issue #6
Published March 1999
Cover Price 1.99
Pages 36
Editing Bob Harras

Cover Details

Genre superhero
Pencils Ron Frenz
Inks Al Milgrom

22 page A-Next story "And Now Argo the Almighty"

Characters A-Next, Thunderstrike (Kevin Masterson), Mainframe, Stinger, J2, American Dream, Freebooter, Bluestreak, Crimson Curse, Argo, Hercules
Synopsis The new Avengers encounter Argo, searching for his missing father, Hercules. There is more information on what happend to the Old Avengers
Genre superhero
Script Tom Defalco; Ron Frenz (plot)
Pencils Ron Frenz
Inks Al Milgrom
Colors Bob Sharen
Letters Jim Novak
Notes Introduction of Argo the Almighty, son of Hercules