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Issue Details

Issue #459
Published September 1978
Cover Price 1.00 USD
Pages 68
Editing Paul Levitz

Cover Details

Characters Green Lantern; Flash; Wonder Woman; Deadman; Elongated Man; Darkseid
Genre Superhero
Pencils Jim Aparo
Inks Jim Aparo

12 page Flash story "The Crimson Comets of Fallville High"

Characters the Flash
Genre superhero
Script Cary Bates
Pencils Irv Novick
Inks Frank Mclaughlin
Colors Gene D'Angelo
Letters Gaspar Saladino

10 page Deadman story "Murder Haunts the Midway"

Characters Deadman; Vashnu; Lorna; Tiny; Lita Brand; Cleveland Brand; Inga Brand; Rama Kushna (flashback); the League of Assassins; the Challengers of the Unknown (cameo; June, Ace); Batman; the Phantom Stranger; Aquaman
Genre occult
Script Len Wein
Pencils Jim Aparo
Inks Jim Aparo
Colors Glynis Wein
Letters Jim Aparo

8 page Green Lantern story "The Call of the Cosmos"

Characters Green Lantern
Genre superhero
Script Cary Burkett
Pencils Joe Staton
Inks Joe Staton
Colors Adrienne Roy
Letters Ben Oda

15 page New Gods story "Climax of Chaos"

Characters Orion; Dave Lincoln; Desaad; Claudia; Darkseid; Infinity Man (flashback); Donald Bradford; Richard Roe; Lorraine; Izaya; Forager; Metron; Lightray; the Antagonist; President Jimmy Carter; Jezebelle
Genre superhero
Script Gerry Conway
Pencils Don Newton
Inks Augie Scotto
Colors Jerry Serpe
Letters Ben Oda
Notes Story continues from New Gods #19.

7 page Elongated Man story "The Case of the Fortune Cookie Fortune"

Characters The Elongated Man; Sue Dibny; Homer Jethro; Steve Douglas; Ann Douglas; Benny Maxwell
Genre superhero
Script Len Wein; Paul Levitz; Mike Gold; Ann Delary-Gold; Steve Mitchell
Pencils George Ruppert
Inks Bruce Patterson
Colors Glynis Wein
Letters Clem Robins

12 page Wonder Woman story "The Shark's Dark Demand"

Characters Wonder Woman; the Shark; Hippolyta; Superman, Green Lantern, Aquaman (cameos)
Genre superhero
Script Jack C. Harris
Pencils Jack Abel
Inks Frank Giacoia
Colors Gene D'Angelo
Letters Shelly Leferman

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Pencils Al Milgrom
Inks Al Milgrom