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Issue Details

Issue #301
Published July 1978
Cover Price 0.35 USD
Pages 36
Editing Julius Schwartz; E. Nelson Bridwell (associate)

Cover Details - "untitled"

Characters Batman; Malcolm Millbrook; Mrs. Millbrook
Genre superhero
Pencils Jim Aparo (signed)
Inks Jim Aparo (signed)

17 page Batman story "The Only Man Batman Ever Killed!"

Characters Batman [Bruce Wayne]; Perry Travers; Commissioner James Gordon; Judson Price (dies); Alfred Pennyworth; Inspector Gresham; Chief O'Hara; Officer Roberts; Officer Bellamy; Malcolm Milbrook [The Overlord] (dies); Luke Brant; Paisley; Joe Chill (flashback); Thomas Wayne (flashback); Martha Wayne (flashback)
Synopsis Perry Travers dies during a botched robbery and his autopsy reveals his membership as a Wirehead in the mob of The Overlord. Batman takes to a disguise to smoke out The Overlord and a mole in the police department, and arrives just as Luke Brant kills The Overlord.
Genre superhero
Script David Vern [as David V. Reed]
Pencils John Calnan
Inks Tex Blaisdell
Colors Jerry Serpe
Letters Ben Oda

1 page Superman advertisement "The Big Fall"

Characters Superman [Kal-El, aka. Clark Kent]; bystanders
Synopsis Superman spots a falling elevator, rescues the trapped occupants, serves them Hostess Cup Cakes to calm them, and interviews them for TV as Clark Kent.
Genre superhero
Script E. Nelson Bridwell?
Pencils Curt Swan
Inks Vince Colletta
Letters Ben Oda
Notes Ad for Hostess Cup Cakes. Appears between pages 8 and 9 of sequence 1.

1 page Bat Signals letters page "Bat Signals"

Synopsis Letters from: Mike White; Stephen Siegforth; Richard Adam Benson, with a logo.
Genre super-hero
Script Bob Rozakis
Letters typeset

1 page Publishorial text article "Outstripping Ourselves"

Synopsis Publisher discusses a new upcoming DC newspaper comic strip based on the Justice League of America, titled "The World's Greatest Superheroes." It will be written by Marty Pasko, pencilled by George Tuska, and inked by Vince Colleta.
Genre fact
Script Jenette Kahn
Letters typeset
Notes Includes letters from: Don Michel, Editor of the Chicago Tribune - New York News Syndicate; anonymous Chicago Tribune salesman.