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Issue Details

Issue #2
Published May 1975
Cover Price 1.00 USD
Pages 68
Editing Jeff Rovin; Richard Meyers (assistant editor)

Cover Details - "The Curse Of Corrupta!"

Characters Devilina; Satan
Genre occult; horror
Pencils George Torjussen (signed)(painted)
Inks George Torjussen (signed)(painted)
Colors George Torjussen (signed)(painted)
Letters typeset

12 page Devilina story "Curse of the Ra Scarab"

Characters Devilina; Satan; Corrupta; Penny (Devilina's human roommate); Greg Beckman (a newspaper editor); "Snap" Kodiak (a newspaper photographer); Carlotta Bluejay
Synopsis Determined to destroy Devilina, Satan dispatches Corrupta to possess Devilina's new editor, who sends Devilina --his new occult reporter-- and his top photographer to the unveiling of the Ra Scarab Amulet-- which has also been cursed by Satan.
Genre occult; horror
Script Ric Estrada
Pencils Ric Estrada
Inks Ric Estrada

8 page story "Vendetta"

Synopsis A tribal medicine man takes a horrible vengeance on two cowboys that kill and rape a young Indian woman and kill a young brave who tries to protect her.
Genre occult; horror
Script John Albano
Pencils Frank Thorne (signed)
Inks Frank Thorne (signed)

8 page story "The Devil's Procuress"

Synopsis A young widow makes a deal to relive her wonderful first year of marriage by birthing demons.
Genre horror
Script John Albano
Pencils Jack Sparling
Inks Jack Sparling

6 page text article "Flesh Gordon -- The Perils of Flesh"

Script Carl Macek
Letters typeset
Notes Article about this racy film, including pictures from the movie.

8 page story "The Prophecy"

Characters Chuck Weston; Sybil
Synopsis A traveller gets his future told by a young gypsy that a wolf will devour him. What she doesn't tell him is that it isn't a wolf-- but a werewolf.
Genre occult; horror
Script Suso
Pencils Suso
Inks Suso

8 page story "Night Creature"

Synopsis A serf kills his master and attempts to rape his daughter after she teases him unmercifully. Sentenced to the lowest chamber of the jail without light, food or water, he survives by eating bugs and rats. Years later, he escapes jail and completes his ravaging of the woman before being burned at the stake -- as the first vampire.
Genre horror
Script John Albano
Pencils Leo Summers
Inks Leo Summers