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Issue Details

Issue #24
Published November 1969
Frequency Bi-Monthly
Cover Price 0.50 USD
Pages 68
Editing Bill Parente

Cover Details

Genre Horror
Pencils Vic Prezio (painting)
Inks Vic Prezio (painting)
Colors Vic Prezio (painting)
Letters typeset

1 page Eerie's Monster Gallery! story "...Perchance to Dream!?"

Script Tom Sutton
Pencils Tom Sutton
Inks Tom Sutton

8 page story "Head for the Lighthouse!"

Script Bill Parente
Pencils Mike Royer
Inks Mike Royer

6 page story "Pursuit of the Vampire!"

Characters Cousin Eerie (host); Herr Burgermeister
Synopsis Vampires are hunted by another creature of the night...
Genre Horror
Script Archie Goodwin
Pencils Angelo Torres (signed)
Inks Angelo Torres (signed)
Letters Ben Oda
Editing Russ Jones (Original Editor)
Notes Lettering credit from the index for the original Creepy presentation, Uncle Creepy is replaced by Cousin Eerie
Reprinted from Creepy (Warren, 1964 series) #1 (1964)

7 page story "The Immortality Seeker"

Script James Haggenmiller
Pencils Tom Sutton
Inks Tom Sutton

1 page Eerie Fanfare text story "Epilogue"

Script Donald Lauzon
Pencils Joe Kovacs
Inks Joe Kovacs
Letters typeset

8 page story "Checkmate"

Script Ron Parker
Pencils Bill Fraccio [as Tony Williamsune]
Inks Tony Tallarico [as Tony Williamsune]

6 page story "Scavenger Hunt"

Script Don Glut
Pencils Jerry Grandenetti
Inks Jerry Grandenetti

1 page text article "Demon Dictionary"

Script Bill Parente
Pencils Bill Fraccio [as Tony Williamsune]
Inks Tony Tallarico [as Tony Williamsune]
Letters typeset

7 page story "Dracula's Guest"

Script Bram Stoker (story); E. Nelson Bridwell (adaptation)
Pencils Frank Bolle
Inks Frank Bolle
Notes Adapted from the short story by Bram Stoker
Reprinted from Christopher Lee's Treasury of Terror (Pyramid Books, 1966 series) #R-1498

7 page story "Wrong Tennant"

Script Bill Parente
Pencils Reed Crandall
Inks Reed Crandall