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Issue Details

Issue #36
Published November 1971
Frequency bi-monthly
Cover Price 0.60 USD
Pages 68
Editing Billy Graham
Notes Some data by Richard Arndt from his Complete Warren checklist. Used with permission.

Cover Details

Genre Horror
Pencils Enrich Torres (painting)
Inks Enrich Torres (painting)
Colors Enrich Torres (painting)
Letters typeset

1 page Eerie's Monster Gallery story "Atoms"

Script T. Casey Brennan
Pencils Pablo Marcos
Inks Pablo Marcos

10 page story "Bad Moon on the Rise!"

Script Doug Moench
Pencils Tom Sutton
Inks Tom Sutton

7 page story "The Silence and the Sleep"

Script Steve Skeates
Pencils Bobby Rubio
Inks Bobby Rubio

10 page story "Prototype"

Script Steve Skeates
Pencils Bruce Jones

6 page story "Look What They've Done!"

Script Steve Skeates
Pencils Esteban Maroto
Inks Esteban Maroto

6 page story "Crocodile"

Script Don Glut
Pencils Joe Mascaro
Inks Joe Mascaro

4 page story "The Trap"

Script Greg Potter
Pencils L. M. Roca
Inks L. M. Roca

Half page biography (nonfictional) "Steve Skeates Profile"

Script Steve Skeates
Pencils Steve Skeates
Inks Steve Skeates
Letters typeset

Half page Eerie Fanfare text story "House of Horror"

Script Christopher Wolfe
Pencils Steve Lowe
Inks Steve Lowe

Half page Eerie Fanfare text story "Occuptational Hazard"

Script Billie Fowler
Pencils Steve Cassman
Inks Steve Cassman
Letters typeset

7 page story "Oh, Brother!"

Script Steve Skeates
Pencils Dave Cockrum
Inks Dave Cockrum