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Issue Details

Issue #76
Published August 1976
Frequency monthly except April, July and December
Cover Price 1.00 USD
Pages 68
Editing Louise Jones; Bill DuBay
Notes Some data by Richard Arndt from his Complete Warren checklist. Used with permission.

Cover Details

Pencils Manuel Sanjulian (painting)
Inks Manuel Sanjulian (painting)
Colors Manuel Sanjulian (painting)
Letters typeset

10 page The Moonweavers story "Deliver the Child"

Script Budd Lewis
Pencils Leopold Sanchez
Inks Leopold Sanchez

1 page text article "The Comic Books"

Script Joe Brancatelli
Letters typeset

8 page Wolfer O'Connell story "Highsong"

Script Budd Lewis
Pencils Luis Bermejo
Inks Luis Bermejo

13 page Oogie story "Oogie and the Scroungers"

Script Bill DuBay
Pencils Esteban Maroto
Inks Esteban Maroto

9 page Tales of Peter Hypnos story "The Silver Key"

Script Jose Bea
Pencils Jose Bea
Inks Jose Bea

8 page Darklon story

Characters Darklon
Script Jim Starlin
Pencils Jim Starlin
Inks Jim Starlin
Reprinted in Darklon the Mystic (Pacific Comics, 1983 series) #1 (November 1983); in Eerie (Warren, 1966 series) #137 December 1982