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Issue Details

Issue #82
Published March 1977
Frequency monthly except April, July and December
Cover Price 1.25 USD
Pages 76
Editing Louise Jones
Notes Some data by Richard Arndt from his Complete Warren checklist. Used with permission.

Cover Details

Characters The Rook
Pencils Bill DuBay
Inks Bill DuBay
Letters typeset

20 page The Rook story "The Man Whom Time Forgot!"

Characters The Rook
Script Bill DuBay
Pencils Luis Bermejo
Inks Luis Bermejo
Reprinted in Warren Presents (Warren, 1979 series) #6 (May 1979)

1 page The Comic Books text article

Script Joe Brancatelli
Letters typeset

9 page Tombspawn story "And Now: The Game is Afoot"

Script Gerry Boudreau
Pencils Carmine Infantino
Inks Gonzalo Mayo

8 page Scallywag story "Castle of the Assassin"

Script Budd Lewis
Pencils Jose Ortiz
Inks Jose Ortiz

10 page The Pea Green Boat story "In a Deep Sea Tomb"

Script Budd Lewis
Pencils Leopold Sanchez
Inks Leopold Sanchez