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Issue Details

Issue #145
Published November 1953
Cover Price $0.10
Pages 52
Editing ?

Cover Details

Characters Bugs Bunny; Elmer Fudd
Genre funny animal
Letters typeset

1 page advertisement "Keeps 'em on good spookin' terms"

Notes Inside front cover; color. Illustrated ad for Milky Way candy bars. Halloween theme.

12 page Bugs Bunny story "Oh, boy! I'll be wich!!"

Characters Bugs Bunny; Elmer Fudd; Porky Pig
Synopsis Elmer finds a treasure map. Its leads him and Bugs to an old abandoned house, which is a counterfeiter's hideout.
Genre funny animal

6 page Porky Pig story "What's your problem, Petunia?"

Characters Porky Pig; Petunia Pig; Cicero Pig
Synopsis Porky baby-sits a hyper-active Cicero.
Genre funny animal

6 page Daffy Duck story "Town Meeting"

Characters Daffy Duck; Elmer Fudd
Synopsis Elmer opens a bakery and is trying to make a good impression on the mayor so he will be named "Outstanding Citizen." Daffy has other ideas.
Genre funny animal

2 page text story "A Fish Story"

Characters Porky Pig; Bugs Bunny; Petunia Pig
Synopsis Bugs and Porky go fishing but end up empty-handed. They try to fool Petunia by buying some fish at a market.
Genre funny animal
Letters typeset
Notes Text story with two 1/4 page illustrations.

7 page Mary Jane and Sniffles story "Mary Jane, read me that story again about..."

Characters Mary Jane; Sniffles
Synopsis Sniffles has lost his courage. Mary Jane takes him to the zoo to visit Leo the Lion to try to get it back.
Genre fantasy

6 page Henery Hawk story "I've got two free passes to the afternoon circus..."

Characters Henery Hawk; Ollie Owl
Synopsis Henery wants to go to the circus and Ollie wants to attend the Birdville opera. They flip a quarter to decide the matter, but the coin is swallowed by a passing frog.
Genre funny animal
Pencils Veve Risto
Inks Veve Risto

Tweety and Sylvester story "It is such a gwand day, I'm not going to stay..."

Characters Tweety; Sylvester
Synopsis Tweety's cage falls into a pond and he has to retrieve it with a fishing pole.
Genre funny animal

5 page Little Pancho Vanilla story "There! Eet is all put down on the paper!"

Characters Pancho Vanilla; Papacito
Synopsis Papacito tries to teach Pancho and his friends how to be a bull-fighter.
Genre humor

1 page Bugs Bunny story [C'mon Porky! When I get through they'll wish..."

Characters Bugs Bunny; Porky Pig
Synopsis Bugs wrestles The Australian Terror.
Genre funny animal

1 page promo (ad from the publisher) "Where are you hurrying to, Doc?"

Characters Bugs Bunny; Sylvester
Notes Inside back cover; color. Promo for subscriptions to Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies comics with a three panel comic. Rate is one year for $1 plus premium of American flag ring.

1 page Spark Up with Wheaties advertisement "Spark need stamina to pitch"

Characters Robin Roberts
Synopsis Robin Roberts of the Philadelphia Phillies gives tips on baseball pitching.
Genre sports
Notes Back cover; color. Ad in comic form for Wheaties breakfast cereal. Features "autographed" photo of Robin Roberts. Part of "Spark Up with Wheaties" series.