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Issue Details

Issue #13
Published October 1984
Cover Price 0.75 USD
Pages 36
Editing ?
Notes This issue has a wrap around cover.

Cover Details

Characters Thunder Bunny; Jaguar; the Fly; the Shield; Darkling; Web (on the back cover)
Genre superhero
Pencils Brian Buniak (signed)
Inks Joe Sinnott (signed)
Notes This issue has a wrap around cover.

1 page letters page "Crusader Comments"

Characters Web; Jaguar; Freelancer
Script Lori Wells
Pencils Rich Buckler
Inks Rich Buckler
Letters typeset
Notes A brief introduction by Lori Wells, which mentions that Rich Buckler is no longer the editor. Includes letters and a preview of the next issue's cover. Located on the inside front cover.

30 page Thunder Bunny story "A Is For Alien, B Is For Boston, C Is For Crusaders"

Characters Thunder Bunny [Bobby]; Gloria (a comic book shop owner); Mighty Crusaders [Fly; Fly Girl; Shield; Jaguar; Web; Darkling]; Massachusetts governor Michael Dukakis; Al (Bobby's uncle); Luta (an alien businessman); Natalie (a TV reporter)
Synopsis Bobby catches a cold when he goes to get his new comics from a local store. Then, aliens invade Boston and the govenor calls for the Crusaders to help. Eager to join his heroes, Bobby changes into Thunder Bunny, but his head cold makes him unintelligible. The Crusaders see him and mistake him for one of the aliens.
Genre superhero
Script Marty Greim
Pencils Brian Buniak
Inks Brian Buniak
Colors Barry Grossman
Letters Arby Airz
Notes Origin and 1st Thunder Bunny. With the Mighty Crusaders and Massachusetts governor Michael Dukakis. Thunder Bunny also had a one-shot appearance in Pep #393.