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Issue #162
Published February-March 1962
Cover Price 0.15 USD
Pages 36
Editing ?

Cover Details

Genre children; humor

4 page Little Lulu story "Handy Gift"

Synopsis The Fellers finally see the worth of Lulu’s sand bucket in the winter.
Genre children; humor

6 page Little Lulu story "Pop’s New Job"

Synopsis Lulu dreams that her pop goes to work for the Tiny Tots’ Tonic company.
Genre children; humor

5 page Little Lulu story "A Closed Issue"

Synopsis The Fellers get Lulu and Annie to build their igloo for them.
Genre children; humor

2 page Little Lulu story "Thin Ice"

Synopsis Tubby tries to make Lulu think he has fallen through the ice.
Genre children; humor
Reprinted in Marge's Little Lulu (Gold Key, 1962 series) #203

5 page Little Lulu story "Neatness Medal"

Synopsis Tubby doesn’t want Lulu to tell anyone about the neatness medal his mother gave him.
Genre children; humor

5 page Little Lulu story "Little Itch and the Snow Ghost"

Synopsis Lulu tells Alvin about how Itch was scared by the poor little girl’s snowman ghost.
Genre children; humor

4 page Tubby story "The Carriers"

Synopsis Tubby thinks Chubby has a stack of cakes in boxes.
Genre children; humor