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Issue Details

Issue #2
Published December 1983
Frequency Bi-monthly in Feb., April, June, Aug., Oct., and Dec.
Cover Price 1.00 USD; 1.25 CAD
Pages 36
Editing Bill Dubay (Editor); Richard H. Goldwater (Editor-in-Chief)
Notes Both stories from the previous issue dovetail into this issue's single story.

Cover Details - "I Did It!"

Characters Comet; Hangman
Genre superhero
Pencils Carmine Infantino
Inks Alex Nino

1 page foreword, introduction, preface, afterword "Editorial"

Script Bill DuBay
Letters typeset
Notes Located on the inside front cover.

30 page Comet story "Family Matters"

Characters Dr. Steve Dickering; Hangman I [Bob Dickering] (dies in this story); Lori (Bob's nurse and Steve's girlfriend); Timmy Carpenter; Mrs. Carpenter (Timmy's abusive mother); Thelma Dickering; Comet [John Dickering]; Joe Higgins; Naija (John's wife, flashback); Flavius (in flashback)
Synopsis As Steve has more nightmares about the Hangman, Thelma contacts John as Bob is closer to death. The Comet reveals more of his origins and Bob confesses that he abused Steve throughout his life in order to make him stronger. Steve learns that Timmy was beaten by his mother and not a street gang as he previously thought. Steve races across town to stop any more abuse, but is arrested after he batters Mrs. Carpenter's door down. Wanting to show how much he really loves his son, Bob once again dons the Hangman's costume, but is too weak to be of any assistance. John finds him, puts him back in the hospital, and wears the Hangman costume in order to help Steve and get Mrs. Carpenter to confess her abuse. Finally, Bob Dickering passes away.
Genre superhero
Script Bill Dubay
Pencils Carmine Infantino
Inks Alex Nino
Colors Barry Grossman
Letters Adam Kubert
Notes This issue deals with child abuse as a story springboard. Although Joe Higgins appears in this book, the Shield does not.