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Issue Details

Issue #551
Published June 1958
Frequency monthly
Cover Price 0.15 USD
Pages 36
Editing Meyer A. Kaplan (Executive Editor); Roberta Strauss (Editor)

Cover Details - "The Queen Bee"

Characters Simpleton; Simpleton's Pet Rabbit; Queen of the Bees
Synopsis Full-page color illustration depicts Simpleton holding his pet rabbit while greeting the Queen Bee.
Genre Children
Pencils ? (painting)
Inks ? (painting)
Colors ? (painting)
Notes front cover

Half page Coming Next Month promo (ad from the publisher) "Forthcoming Title"

Synopsis Half-page, vertically-oriented promo on the left side of the page for the next issue in the Classics Illustrated Junior series, "The Three Little Dwarfs". Spot illustration depicts the next issue's front cover.
Script ? (ad copy)
Pencils Alex A. Blum (spot illustration)
Inks Alex A. Blum (spot illustration)
Letters typeset
Notes inside front cover

Half page What Is This? activity "Dot-to-Dot Puzzle"

Synopsis Half-page, vertically-oriented dot-to-dot puzzle on the right side of the page.
Genre Children
Script ? (puzzle directions)
Pencils Alex A. Blum ?
Inks Alex A. Blum ?
Letters typeset

28 page The Queen Bee story "The Queen Bee"

Characters Simpleton; Savvo and Sturdo (Simpleton's brothers); King; Gray Old Man; Three Princesses; King of the Ants; King of the Ducks; Queen of the Bees; Simpleton's Pet Rabbit
Synopsis Kind-hearted Simpleton accomplishes three difficult tasks with the help of ants, ducks, and bees, and is rewarded with the hand of a princess in marriage.
Genre Children
Script ? (adapter); Brothers Grimm ? (original authors)
Pencils Dik Browne ?
Inks Dik Browne ?
Letters typeset

2 page Aesop's Fables story "The Plane Tree"

Characters Three Young Men; Plane Tree
Synopsis Three young men rest beneath a plane tree and complain about the tree's uselessness. The tree remarks that his shade gives refreshment to weary travelers and notes that many a gift never hears the words, "Thank you!"
Genre Children
Script ? (adapter); Aesop (original author)
Letters typeset

1 page text article "There Was an Old Man of Kilkenny"

Characters Old Man
Synopsis Limerick about an old man who spends his only penny on onions and honey.
Genre Children
Script Edward Lear ?
Letters typeset

1 page The Animal World text article "The Puma"

Synopsis Full-page illustrated article about the puma.
Genre fact
Pencils William A. Walsh ?
Inks William A. Walsh ?
Letters typeset

1 page Color This Picture With Crayons activity "Picture to Color"

Characters Simpleton; Deer; Bird
Synopsis Line-drawn illustration depicts Simpleton in a castle garden with a deer and a bird.
Genre Children
Letters typeset
Notes inside back cover

1 page promo (ad from the publisher) "List of Back Titles"

Synopsis List of Classics Illustrated Junior mail order back titles. Spot illustration depicts front covers from the series.
Script ? (ad copy)
Pencils ? (spot illustration)
Inks ? (spot illustration)
Colors ? (spot illustration)
Letters typeset