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Issue Details

Issue #12
Published March 2000
Cover Price 2.99
Pages 60
Editing Bob Harras (editor-in-chief), Tom Brevoort

Cover Details

Characters Hulk; Hulk (the Professor); Hulk (Joe Fixit); Bruce Banner
Pencils Ron Garney
Inks Sal Buscema

39 page Hulk story "Snake Eyes, Part 1"

Characters Hulk (mainly as Bruce Banner; origin retold), Angela Lipscombe (intro), Hulk beast (intro), Thunderbolt Ross (flashback), Betty Ross (flashback), Rick Jones (flashback), General John Ryker (intro; unnamed; cameo; flashback)
Synopsis After diagnosing himself with ALS, Bruce Banner turns to an old girlfriend for help
Genre superhero
Script Paul Jenkins
Pencils Ron Garney (pp 1-12,29-39), Mike McKone (pp 13-28)
Inks Sal Buscema (pp 1-12,29-39), Mark McKenna (pp 13-28)
Colors Steve Buccellato
Letters John Workman
Notes Three Hulk personas appear in this story: the childlike green Hulk, the intelligent green Hulk, and the gray Hulk (Joe Fixit)

8 page Spider-Man story "On the Edge [Fast Lane, Part 3 of 4]"

Characters Spider-Man, Mysterio, Human Torch, Sam Exmore, Toni Harris, Zane Whelan, Bob Lefferts
Genre superhero
Script Glenn Herdling
Pencils Gregg Schigiel
Inks Richard Case
Colors Paul Mounts
Letters Chris Dickey
Editing Michael Stewart, Steve Behling
Notes anti-drug insert story