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Issue Details

Issue #20
Published August 1990
Cover Price 1.50
Pages 36
Editing Michael Heisler (Assistant), Ralph Macchio

Cover Details - "Toys in the Attic"

Characters Doctor Strange; Rintrah; Wong; Zom; Imei
Genre superhero; occult
Pencils Jackson Guice
Inks Jackson Guice

18 page Doctor Strange story "Better Homes and Gargoyles"

Characters Doctor Strange; Victor Strange; Micheal Morbius; Morgana Blessing; Rintrah; Wong; Imei; Zom; Baron Mordo; faeries; Faerie Queen; G'uranthic Guardian(Cameo)
Synopsis The amphora that once held Zom is broken and a magical energy Zomling is let loose in Doc's house. Find out how a vacuum cleaner can defeat a mystical creature!
Genre superhero; occult
Script Roy Thomas; Dann Thomas
Pencils Jackson Guice
Inks Tony Dezuniga
Colors Richard Rasche
Letters Chris Eliopoulos
Notes DS has an indoor pool; the pages containing the Montesi formula are found to be blank

4 page Brother Voodoo story "TBOTV:The Mark of the VodĀ£, Part III"

Characters Doctor Strange (Cameo); Boute-Feu (Death); Captain Tyger; Legba; Council of the Vodu; Laurent; Schango (Death); Dona Elmina; Papa Jambo; Daniel Drumm; Jerico Drumm; grandson of Captain Tyger
Synopsis The origin of the first Brother Voodoo.
Genre superhero; occult
Script Roy Thomas; Jean-Marc Lofficier [as R.J.M. Lofficier]; Randy Lofficier [as R.J.M. Lofficier]
Pencils Geof Isherwood
Inks Geof Isherwood
Colors Paul Becton
Letters Brad K. Joyce