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Issue Details

Issue #16
Published January 1993
Cover Price $1.50
Pages 36
Editing Lisa Patrick (Assistant); Bob Harras
Notes Bagged with Archangel Card.

Cover Details - "X-Cutioner's Song Part 11"

Characters Cable; Wolverine; Havok; Storm; Psylocke; Cannonball
Genre superhero
Pencils Andy Kubert
Inks Mark Pennington
Notes Bagged with Archangel Card.

23 page X-Men story "Conflicting Catheoes"

Characters FEATURE: X-Men--Professor X; Cyclops; Jean Grey; Beast; Storm; Wolverine; Bishop; Archangel; Iceman; Psylocke; GUESTS: X-Factor--Havok; Polaris; Wolfsbane [Rahne]; X-Force--Cable; Cannonball; VILLAINS: Stryfe; Apocalypse; Dark Riders, Zero; CAMEO FLASHBACK: Magneto; Sentinel; Colossus
Synopsis It is a battle royale through Stryfe's moon base to try and reach him before he kills Scott and Jean.
Genre superhero
Script Fabian Nicieza
Pencils Andy Kubert
Inks Mark Pennington; Andy Kubert (pgs. 20-23)
Colors Joe Rosas
Letters Chris Eliopoulos
Notes Cont. from X-Factor #86; Cont. in X-Force #18