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Issue Details

Issue #5
Published February 1992
Cover Price $1.25
Pages 36
Editing Suzanne Gaffney (Assistant); Bob Harras

Cover Details - "At the Hands of Omega Red"

Characters Wolverine; Omega Red
Genre superhero
Pencils Jim Lee
Inks Scott Williams
Reprinted in X-Men: Mutant Genesis (Marvel, 1995 series) #[nn]

22 page X-Men story "Blowback"

Characters FEATURE: X-Men--Professor X; Cyclops; Jean Grey; Storm; Wolverine; Rogue; Gambit; Colossus; Banshee; Forge; Beast; Archangel; Iceman; Psylocke; Jubilee; GUEST: Maverick [1st; David North]; VILLAINS: Fenris [Andrea and Andreas Strucker]; Matsuo Tsurahaba; Omega Red; The Hand; Dr. Cornelius; Sabretooth (flashback); CAMEOS: Dazzler; Lila Cheney; Longshot; Spiral; Mojo
Synopsis Wolverine is captured by Omega Red and Fenris so they can probe his memories to find a Carbonadium Synthesizer that has been lost for 30 years; Wolvie escapes with the help of an old friend; The X-Men come after him as well.
Genre superhero
Script Jim Lee (Plot); John Byrne
Pencils Jim Lee
Inks Scott Williams; Art Thibert; Bob Wiacek; Joe Rubinstein
Colors Joe Rosas
Letters Lois Buhalis; Tom Orzechowski
Notes Story takes place before and leads into Uncanny X-Men #281
Reprinted in X-Men: Mutant Genesis (Marvel, 1995 series) #[nn]; in Incredibili X-Men, Gli (Marvel Italia, 1994 series) #51