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Issue Details

Issue #48
Published January 1996
Cover Price $1.95
Pages 36
Editing Ben Raab (Assistant); Bob Harras

Cover Details - "Divided Minds"

Characters Bishop; Bishop
Genre superhero
Pencils Andy Kubert
Inks Cam Smith
Colors Arno
Reprinted in Incredibili X-Men, Gli (Marvel Italia, 1994 series) #81

23 page X-Men story "Five Card Studs"

Characters FEATURE: X-Men--Professor X; Storm; Cyclops; Jean Grey; Gambit; Beast; Iceman; Cannonball; Bishop; Psylocke; GUEST: The Thing; VILLAINS: Dark Beast; Sugar Man; Fatale
Synopsis The X-Men enjoy a friendly game of poker; Bishop tries to come to terms with visions of his future self; Sugar Man and Dark Beast hook up and decide to take down Bishop as he is the only one who remembers the Age of Apocalypse.
Genre superhero
Script Scott Lobdell
Pencils Luke Ross
Inks Andy Lanning
Colors Steve Buccellato with Electric Crayon Enhancements
Letters Richard Starkings and Comicraft
Notes Cont. from Sabretooth Special #1 and X-Force #44 (where Cannonball joined).
Reprinted in Incredibili X-Men, Gli (Marvel Italia, 1994 series) #81