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Issue Details

Issue #11
Published November 1987
Cover Price 0.75 USD; 1.00 CAD
Pages 36
Editing Michael Carlin

Cover Details - "Stepping Into the 5th Dimension!"

Characters Superman [Clark Kent; Kal-El]; Lois Lane; Mr. Mxyzptlk
Genre Superhero
Pencils John Byrne (signed)
Inks John Byrne (signed)

22 page Superman story "The Name Game"

Characters Superman [Clark Kent; Kal-El]; Lois Lane; Jimmy Olsen; Cat Grant; Mr. Harrigan; VILLAIN: Mr. Mxyzptlk [as Ben DeRoy; aka Beyonder] (first post-Crisis appearance)
Synopsis Mr. Mxyzptlk, the imp from the 5th Dimension, introduces himself to Superman.
Genre Superhero
Script John Byrne
Pencils John Byrne
Inks Karl Kesel
Colors Tom Ziuko
Letters John Costanza
Notes Ben DeRoy is an homage/anagram to Marvel's The Beyonder, including a perm and white suit.
Reprinted in Lois and Clark, The New Adventures of Superman (DC, 1994 series) #[nn]

2 page Superman letters page "Superman"

Script Mike Carlin
Letters typeset
Notes Letters from readers - Tim Hayes, Michael A. Medlock, Eric Sklar, Richards Rivera, Mark Armstrong, Robert John Williams, Mark Haden Frazer and Charles Kelly - and responses from Mike Carlin.