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Issue #209
Published September 1974
Cover Price 0 FREE
Pages 16
Editing ?
Notes Free to customers; price to non-customers shown as 0.15 USD.

Cover Details - "My Imagination Is So Superior..."

Characters Big Boy; Dolly; Nugget
Synopsis Big Boy mistakes a snake for a twig.
Genre humor

1 page Dear Big Boy letters page "Dear Big Boy"

Script ? [as Big Boy]
Letters typeset
Notes Letters from: Cindy Taylor, Sandra Suh, Janet Hammond, Keith Amderson, Scotty McGuirt, Pam Sweatt, Marla Trimm, Mary Biggs, Mary Elizabeth Pavlick, Ruth Pennington, Shawanna Gamble, Maria Kelly Gardner, Kim Emery, Wendy, Lisa Fortner, Charlie Cook

6 page Big Boy story "The Big Boy Tackles Ab-El-Hipno"

Characters Big Boy; Dolly; Nugget; police; Ab-El-Hipno (Scourge of The Desert)
Synopsis Ab-El-Hipno steals, using hypnosis, and hypnotizes Big Boy also. But Big Boy uses Nugget to stop him.
Genre humor
Script Manfred Bernhard ?
Notes One page is in black-and-white as a coloring page.

1 page Big Boy & Coke advertisement "Great In Any Weather"

Characters Big Boy
Synopsis Ad for Big Boy & Coke.
Letters typeset

2 page Big Boy Club Pages activity "Big Boy Club Stuff"

Characters Dolly
Synopsis Puzzles, paper doll, and membership application.
Letters typeset

1 page State Of The Union text article "Alabama"

Characters Big Boy; Nugget
Synopsis Information on Alabama with a map of the Shoney's Big Boy restaurants in the state.
Genre fact
Letters typeset

2 page Big Boy story "Defective Detective"

Characters Big Boy; Nugget; police; fishermen
Synopsis Big Boy thinks he overhears two guys planning a bank robbery, so he calls in the police. But it turns out they were planning a fishing trip to the riverbank.
Genre humor
Script Manfred Bernhard ?
Notes Likely writer credit from interview at

1 page Big Boy Club text article "Nmjeer'n Etyd - Pjadf Mohysirre!"

Synopsis News from Club members and an membership application.
Script ? [as Big Boy]
Pencils Wendy Gosnell
Inks Wendy Gosnell
Letters typeset
Notes Art is by a club member. Title is in the Big Boy secret code.

Half page Big Boy story "C'mon Guys!"

Characters Big Boy
Synopsis Big Boy and two of his friends are stuck in a desert without water.
Genre humor
Notes back cover

Half page Elias Brothers Restaurants advertisement "Michigan's Family Restaurants"

Synopsis List of Elias Brothers restaurants in Michigan.
Letters typeset
Notes List of restaurants varies depending on the regional location and franchise involved for Big Boy. Back cover.