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Issue Details

Issue #7
Published November 1984
Cover Price 0.75 USD
Pages 36
Editing Tom DeFalco

Cover Details

Characters Captain America; Wasp; Cyclops; Spider-Woman II; Wolverine; Rogue; Absorbing Man; Titania; Volcana; Dr. Octopus
Genre Superhero
Pencils Bob Layton
Inks Bob Layton
Letters Typeset

24 page Marvel Super Heroes story "Berserker!"

Characters HEROES: Mr. Fantastic; Human Torch; The Thing; Professor X; Cyclops; Storm; Wolverine; Colossus; Rogue; Nightcrawler; Captain America; Iron Man [James Rhodes]; She-Hulk; Thor; Wasp; Hawkeye; Captain Marvel II; Hulk; Spider-Man; Spider-Woman II (1st); Zsaji; VILLAINS: Dr. Doom; Galactus; Magneto; Dr. Octopus; Lizard; Klaw; Enchantress; Molecule Man; Abomination; Wrecker; Thunderball; Piledriver; Bulldozer; Titania; Volcana
Synopsis The heroes meet the new Spider-Woman; The Wrecker and his allies show up and throw the body of the fallen Wasp at our heroes before they take off; Zsaji can do nothing for her as she is dead; Magento and the X-Men battle the bad guys but they escape; Magneto notices that Doom is lurking on his world ship and expels him violently; She-Hulk invades Doombase solo seeking revenge for the death of the Wasp but is outnumbered and beaten badly; The X-Men agree to keep an eye on Galactus who has once again begun his process of eating Battleworld so the Avengers can take off and rescue She-Hulk.
Genre Superhero
Script Jim Shooter
Pencils Mike Zeck
Inks John Beatty
Colors Christie Scheele
Letters Joe Rosen