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Issue Details

Issue #105
Published October 1993
Cover Price 1.25
Pages 36
Editing Tom Defalco (editor-in-chief), Danny Fingeroth (group editor), Eric Fein

Cover Details - "Slugfest on the Soulscape!"

Characters Spider-Man; Moon Knight; Sasquatch; Archangel; Quicksilver
Genre superhero
Pencils Alex Saviuk
Inks Bob Wiacek
Letters typographical

16 page Spider-Man story "Soul Gauntlet (Crisis of Conscience, Part 2)"

Characters Spider-Man; Moondragon; Quicksilver; Scarlet Witch; Thor; Multiple Man; Gamora; Sasquatch; Moon Knight; Invisible Woman; Archangel; Carnage; Venom; Mary Jane Parker; Liz Allan Osborn; May Parker; Norman Osborn II; Joe (Robbie) Robertson; Betty Brant; cameos of Goddess; Speedball; Night Thrasher; Nova; Hulk; Havok; Professor X; Rogue; Iceman; Wolverine; Cyclops; Vision; Guido; Beast; Darkhawk; The Thing; She-Hulk; Jean Grey; Forge; Psylocke; Drax the Destroyer; Maxam; Iron Man; Thor; Human Torch; Mr. Fantastic
Synopsis The Goddess' converted heroes take the form of Spider-Man's self-doubts on Peter Parker's troubled soulscape
Genre superhero
Script Terry Kavanagh
Pencils Alex Saviuk (breakdowns); Don Hudson
Inks Don Hudson
Colors Bob Sharen
Letters Steve Dutro
Notes Infinity Crusade crossover; For a complete list of Infinity Crusade crossover comics, please see the series info page for the Infinity Crusade limited series.

6 page Nightwatch story "Acid Test"

Characters Nightwatch, Deathgrin
Synopsis Nightwatch battles Deathgrin in the Museum of Natural History
Genre superhero
Script Terry Kavanagh
Pencils Bill Wylie
Inks Timothy Tuohy
Colors Bob Sharen
Letters Steve Dutro

1 page Web-Zingers letters page

Letters typeset