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Issue Details

Issue #23
Published November 1988
Cover Price 0.75 USD; 1.00 CAD
Pages 36
Editing Michael Carlin; Renee Witterstaetter (assistant)

Cover Details

Characters Superman [Clark Kent; Kal-El]; Jimmy Olsen; Silver Banshee
Genre Superhero
Pencils Mike Mignola (signed)
Inks P. Craig Russell (signed)

22 page Superman story "Curse of the Banshee"

Characters Superman [Clark Kent; Kal-El]; Batman [Bruce Wayne]; Jimmy Olsen; Lois Lane; Captain O'Conner (first appearance); VILLAINS: Silver Banshee [Siobhan McDougal] (origin); Bevan McDougal; Seamus McDougal (first appearance; Bevan's uncle); the Crone (first appearance)
Synopsis Superman, Lois and Jimmy head for Ireland, and learn the origin of Silver Banshee.
Genre Superhero
Script Roger Stern
Pencils Mike Mignola
Inks P. Craig Russell
Colors Petra Scotese
Letters John Costanza

2 page Superman letters page "Superman"

Script Renee Witterstaetter
Letters typeset
Notes Letters from readers - Malcolm Bourne, Michael Butler, Nik Norton, James A. Best, Ed Copenhagen, Mark Gilson, George Gustines, Wayde Hambe, Eric Buscher, Craig Andrew Phillippe and John D. Wagner - and responses from Renee Witterstaetter.