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Issue Details

Issue #12
Published January 1962
Cover Price 0.12 USD
Pages 36
Editing ?
Notes No credits given, but artwork has been identified as being by Bob White (see;msg2251#msg2251)

Cover Details - "They became extinct a million years ago!"

Characters Archie Andrews; Jughead Jones; Veronica Lodge
Genre Teen; Humor; Adventure
Pencils Bob White
Inks Bob White
Notes No credits given, but artwork has been identified as being by Bob White (see;msg2251#msg2251)

8 page Life with Archie story "Cave Happy"

Characters Archie Andrews; Betty Cooper; Veronica Lodge; Jughead Jones; Reggie Mantle
Synopsis The first page is a "teaser" of sorts. A cutaway diagram of the earth is shown, and the question of what's at the center of the earth is posed. Two scientists and Frankenstein each give their opinion, and then Archie says they're all wrong, because he was there. As the story opens, Archie, Betty, Veronica and Reggie are walking along singing "A-Hiking We Will Go" (to the tune of "Farmer in the Dell" of course). They stop by Jughead's and Jughead mentions that it's kind of early for a costume party. Veronica says they're going spelunking and Archie explains that this is the science of cave exploration. Betty says they're going to go explore the old Higgins mine shaft, and asks Jughead to come along. At first Jughead declines, but as soon as Veronica mentions the food, he's eager to join them.An hour later, they arrive at the mine shaft, and Jughead asks when they're going to eat. Veronica says that it's only 10AM and asks if Jughead's hungry already. Jughead says he is - he always eats his 10AM snack around 10AM. Archie leads the way as they head down the abandoned mine shaft. Soon they reach the end of the old mine and the beginning of the "unexplored part". In the next panel, Reggie runs towards Archie holding a piece of rock that Betty just found. The rock contains the embedded skeleton of a pre-historic creature. Suddenly, they hear a funny rumbling noise, and are soon hit with a huge rock slide, which blocks their passageway. Five minutes later, after the rock slide ends, they notice a new passageway and decide to go exploring it. Archie lost their flashlight during the rock slide, so the passageway is very dark. Soon they come to another opening with light shining through it. On the other side of the passageway is a huge grotto. While exploring the underground cave, Archie and Jughead come across a canoe, pass it, then, realizing what they've just seen, turn around and run back towards the tunnel they just exited. Suddenly they're all netted with fish nets, which are then lifted onto a metal rod and dumped into a strange looking car. The car then begins burrowing deep into the earth.
Genre Teen; Humor; Adventure
Pencils Bob White
Inks Bob White
Notes No credits given, but artwork was identified as from Bob White (;msg2251#msg2251)

6 page Archie story "The Rock People"

Characters Archie Andrews; Betty Cooper; Jughead Jones; Veronica Lodge; Reggie Mantle; un-named chief of the rock people; various other un-named rock people
Synopsis Picking up where the previous story left off, the machine continues burrowing deep into the earth. Suddenly they stop moving and a hatch opens. Looking out, they see a huge underground city built entirely out of rocks. Not seeing any people, they decide to start exploring. After looking around a bit, Reggie tells Archie that it's too quiet, and that he doesn't like it - where are the creeps who run the place. Suddenly they hear a voice coming from a loudspeaker with a sign under it saying "Governor 'Rocky'". The voice welcomes them and says that they're in Rockville, which is in the center of earth. When the voice asks if they have any questions, Jughead asks where the local burger joint is. Archie yells at him for continuing to think of food. Reggie is still annoyed that there aren't any people around, and asks where all the "local yokels" are. Suddenly they hear a voice saying that the people have been there all along observing them, and numerous small, round, green elf-like creatures with long noses show up. The chief welcomes them and Archie asks why the rock people brought them there. The chief explains that they brought Archie and his friends there to protect their city, and that they want to be friends. Jughead suggests that they throw a welcoming banquet. The chief agrees to this idea, but suddenly a voice from the loudspeaker announces that "the monster" is approaching. The rock people are frightened and run for cover. Suddenly, a large T-Rex is seen, and Archie and Reggie can hardly believe their eyes.
Genre Teen; Humor; Adventure; Gags
Pencils Bob White
Inks Bob White
Notes There are lots of rock-related gags in this comic: Page 2, 4th panel: a sign reading "Buy Zilch's Rock Candy"; another sign reading "Read the Daily Gravel"; a banner reading "Pebble for mayor" / Page 3, 3rd Panel: A sign outside an inn reads "Ye Boulder Inn"; a sign outside a theater reads "Now Playing: 'Rocks In The Head' starring Rocky Hudson, Rocky Marciano" [Rock Hudson was a famous movie star; Rocky Marciano was a heavyweight boxer] / Page 3, 5th Panel: A sign in a record store window reading "Rock Around The Clock with Rock Nelson"; Jughead mentions that they have "rock 'n' rock" music instead of "rock 'n' roll".

1 page Archie Giant Series Magazines advertisement "Follow the star-studded trail of the biggest buy in comics!"

Characters Archie Andrews
Synopsis An ad for the latest issues in the Archie Giant Series Magazines series.
Pencils Harry Lucey
Inks Harry Lucey
Notes Issues available from this offer: Archie Annual #13; Archie's Pals 'N' Gals #18; The World of Jughead #14; Katy Keene Holiday Fun #12; Betty & Veronica Summer Fun #13; Betty & Veronica Spectacular #11; Katy Keene Pin-Up Parade #15; Archie's Christmas Stocking #15. All comics were 25 cents each, with no additional charge for postage and handling. Offer never expired.

5 page Archie story "Archie To The Rescue"

Characters Archie Andrews; Betty Cooper; Jughead Jones; Veronica Lodge; Reggie Mantle; chief of rock people
Synopsis Picking up where the story left off, a T-Rex is crashing its way through the underground city of Rockville. An un-named rock person, Archie and the rest of the group scramble for cover to avoid being trampled. The chief shows them to a small cave on a nearby ledge, and they all take cover in the cave. Archie and Jughead still can't figure out why there's a T-Rex when they've been extinct for so long. Veronica asks them if this happens often. The chief says that it happens every couple of months, but they'll get used to it after they've lived there a few years. Archie and Reggie, repeat "a few years" to make sure they heard the chief right, and he says that they'll have to live there permanently. If they let Archie and the gang go free, they'll tell other people, who will then invade the rock people. Jughead quickly comes up with a plan, and Archie asks if they can go free if they get rid of the monster. The chief agrees, and they start deciding how they're going to get rid of the monster. Archie checks his knapsack, and only has tuna fish sandwiches, some jelly donuts, milk and a compass. Reggie checks his sack and only has salami sandwiches and a transistor radio. Veronica then mentions that she brought some tranquilizer pills in case the hike was upsetting, and Archie gets an idea - they'll mix the pills with the sandwiches and maybe the pills will knock out the monster. As Archie is preparing the bait, Jughead sobs about Archie ruining all the sandwiches. Archie then ties the sandwiches together and hangs them on the end of a large stick. Reggie uses his radio to lure the t-rex to the sandwiches. The animal bites, but also grabs Jughead.
Genre Teen; Humor; Adventure
Pencils Bob White
Inks Bob White

1 page Fabric decorating text article "Designs on You"

Characters None
Synopsis A brief but informative article on various ways to decorate fabrics.
Genre Fact
Letters Typeset

1 page Li'l Jinx filler "...And Away We Goooo..."

Characters Li'l Jinx; Hap Holliday
Synopsis Li'l Jinx sees her dad standing near the front door, all ready to go to work, but sound asleep. Li'l Jinx wakes him up, opens the door and tells him he'll be late for work. Yawning, her dad walks out the door, saying (sleepily) that he came home late last night, can't seem to wake up and that he needs something - to wake him up. In the last panel, as he's saying "to wake me up", a snowball is seen flying towards his head...
Genre Children; Humor; Gags
Script Joe Edwards
Pencils Joe Edwards
Inks Joe Edwards
Letters Joe Edwards

5 page Archie story "Up For Air"

Characters Archie Andrews; Betty Cooper; Jughead Jones; Veronica Lodge; Reggie Mantle; chief of rock people; various other un-named rock people
Synopsis In the final chapter of this adventurous story, we again pick up where the last one left off. The T-Rex is seen running towards his cave carrying Jughead. Betty is upset, especially because Jughead didn't even want to come. Veronica tells Archie to save him, but Archie doesn't have a clue how to do this. The T-Rex is seen running towards his cave, still carrying Jughead, as Betty and Veronica continue to mourn the impending loss of their friend. Suddenly the monster stops, gets dizzy and falls over - the tranquilizers have set in. The cheif calls to the rest of the rock people to bring rocks to tie up the monster, as Archie and Veronica go to meet Jughead. Jughead says he's not scared, and is just fine, but Archie points out that Jughead was so scared, the "S" on his sweater turned backwards. We now see that the monster has been tied down, and the chief tells Archie and his friends that they'll keep the monster in a large cage in the zoo. The chief then says that they'll hold up their end of the bargain. Archie and the gang climb back into the earth ship, as another rock person runs onto the scene saying that the lab has just received a shipment of "forgetful gas". The chief is pleased to hear this, saying they'll use it on the visitors, and they proceed to pump this gas into the spaceship. We then learn that "forgetful gas" is a harmless gas that will make Archie and friends forget all about the rock people. The ship then burrows back out of the earth. Several hours later, they arrive at the entrance to the mine shaft and start heading for home. Reggie mentions that he doesn't like spelunking. Betty agrees. Archie says it's too boring. Jughead says that they were away all day and not a single interesting thing happened. Moral of the story: "What you don't now won't hurt you! (Also - what you don't remember!)".
Genre Teen; Humor; Adventure
Pencils Bob White
Inks Bob White
Notes And so another exciting story comes to a close... :)