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Issue Details

Issue #10
Published November 1972
Cover Price 0.15 USD
Pages 36
Editing ?
Notes Gold Key 90257-211

Cover Details

Characters Baby Snoots; Uptite Mouse
Genre Funny Animal
Notes Gold Key 90257-211

13 page Baby Snoots story "Hold That Dragon"

Characters Baby Snoots; Papa Dear [Elbert Elias Elephant]; Mama Dear; Uptite Mouse; The Duchess; Elmer (Uptite Mouse's cousin)
Synopsis Papa Dear is sent a dragon suit and an invitation to a costume ball. Before he arrives a real dragon goes to the ball and robs everyone. When Papa Dear, Mama Dear, Baby Snoots and Uptite Mouse arrive dressed up as a dragon Papa Dear and Mama Dear are thrown in jail while Baby Snoots and Uptite Mouse escape. They trick the dragon into going back to the castle where they put out his fire and Papa Dear and Mama Dear are let out of prison.
Genre Funny Animals
Notes Papa Dear's real name is revealed as Elbert Elias Elephant.

1 page filler "Elefink Jokes"

Characters Baby Snoots; Uptite Mouse
Notes Joke page with artwork on the header only, first joke begins with "What goes clomp, clomp, swish, clomp..."].

6 page Uptite Mouse Tales story "Stop That Swap"

Characters Uptite Mouse; Cousin Packy
Synopsis Uptite Mouse finds out that his cousin Packy (a trade rat) left a bottle cap in trade for an antique watch. When he tries to return it because he doesn't think the trade is fair it turns out that the antique dealer loves Cousin Packy's stuff and trades him some valuable antiques. Uptite Mouse runs home and gathers up some valuables to trade with Cousin Packy, but by the time he gets back to trade with Cousin Packy he has already traded his valuable stuff for bananas. Uptite Mouse doesn't know this and ends up trading his valuable stuff to Cousin Packy for the banana peels.
Genre Funny Animals

5 page Baby Snoots story "Wish Upon a Witch"

Characters Baby Snoots; Uptite Mouse; Wacky Witch; Mr. Botherworth
Synopsis Baby Snoots wishes that he could fly so Wacky Witch gives him bat wings. He is then captured by a dog catcher who tries to sell him to the zoo. Fortunately, Wacky Witch removes the wings and Baby Snoots escapes.
Genre Funny Animals