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Issue Details

Issue #556
Published November 1958
Frequency Monthly
Cover Price 0.15 USD
Pages 36
Editing Meyer A. Kaplan (Executive Editor); Roberta Strauss (Editor)

Cover Details - "The Elf Mound"

Characters Goblin King of Norway; Elf Maiden; White Rabbit; Will o' the Wisps
Synopsis Full-page, front cover illustration depicting the Goblin King of Norway and an Elf Maiden in conversation while a white rabbit looks on and two will o' the wisps hurry away.
Genre Children; Fairy Tale
Pencils ? (painting)
Inks ? (painting)
Colors ? (painting)
Letters Typeset

Half page Coming Next Month promo (ad from the publisher) "Forthcoming Title"

Synopsis Half-page, vertically-oriented promo positioned on the left side of the inside front cover for the forthcoming issue in the Classics Illustrated Junior series, "Silly Willy".
Script ? (ad copy)
Letters Typeset

Half page What is This? activity "Dot-to-Dot Puzzle"

Synopsis Half-page, vertically-oriented dot-to-dot puzzle positioned on the right side of the inside front cover depicting a girl and a dog.
Genre Children; Activity
Pencils Alex Blum ? (illustration)
Inks Alex Blum ? (illustration)
Letters Typeset

27 page story "The Elf Mound"

Characters King of the Elves; Seven Daughters of the King of the Elves; Goblin King of Norway; Two Sons of the Goblin King of Norway
Synopsis The King of the Elves holds a feast for the Goblin King of Norway whose two sons are expected to each pick brides from among the seven daughters of the host. Each maiden displays her special talent but the boys fall asleep at the table. The Goblin King picks a bride for himself.
Genre Children; Fairy Tale
Script ? (adapter); Hans Christian Andersen (original author)
Letters Typeset

3 page Aesop's Fables story "The Shepherd and the Sea"

Characters Shepherd
Synopsis A shepherd buys a boat and goes to sea thinking such a life will be pleasant. His boat sinks in a storm and he returns to his flock realizing things are not always what they seem.
Genre Children; Fable
Script ? (adapter); Aesop (original author)
Letters Typeset

1 page text article "There was an Old Man in a Tree"

Characters Old Man; Bee; Townspeople
Synopsis An old man is bored by a buzzing bee.
Genre Children; Poetry; Limerick
Script Edward Lear (original author)
Letters Typeset

1 page The Animal World text article "The Lobster"

Synopsis Nonfiction account about the lobster.
Genre Fact; Animal
Letters Typeset

1 page Color This Picture With Crayons activity "Picture to Color"

Characters Raven; Old Maid
Synopsis Full-page, inside back cover, black and white, line-drawn illustration to be colored with crayons depicting the Raven and the Old Maid.
Genre Children; Activity
Letters Typeset

1 page promo (ad from the publisher) "Subscription Offer"

Synopsis Full-page, back cover Classics Illustrated Junior subscription offer.
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