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Issue Details

Issue #11
Published August 1952
Frequency bi-monthly
Cover Price 0.10 USD
Pages 36
Editing Stan Lee

Cover Details

Genre Horror
Pencils Russ Heath
Inks Russ Heath

6 page story "Dead Man's Escape!"

Synopsis A convict from an island prison tries to escape by being dumped in the bay inside of a corpse bag. Instead of dumping him in the bay, a large well has been dug which they are now using to dispose of bodies, inhabited by a large octopus.
Genre Horror
Pencils Joe Maneely
Inks Joe Maneely
Reprinted in Fear (Marvel, 1970 series) #9 (August 1972)

5 page story "Under the Knife!"

Synopsis During an operation a man dies briefly and experiences a boatride with a beautiful woman named Zoe who is trying to outdistance Death. After passing dead man on the shore who died in battle as cowards and later on down the line, sirens, they are overtaken by Death. The man looks Death in the face and screams. He regains consciousness and the doctor congratulates him on his yell calling him a miracle since he was dead for seventeen minutes. He is taken to another doctor and he screams in his mind after anesthesia is administered because he had seen the man's face and it was that of...Death.
Genre Horror
Pencils Tony DiPreta
Inks Tony DiPreta
Reprinted in Creatures on the Loose (Marvel, 1971 series) #18 (July 1972)

2 page text story "Caraniti's Curse"

Genre horror
Letters typeset
Reprinted in Astonishing (Marvel, 1951 series) #32 (April 1954) [as "Pearls of the Dead"]

4 page story "He Who Laughs Last, Gets the Horselaugh"

Synopsis A man who plays the rear end in a dummy horse act is jealous of the man who plays the head, so he kills him and when he returns to the stage that night, is trampled by the front part of the costume.
Genre Horror
Inks Jack Abel (?)
Reprinted in Where Monsters Dwell (Marvel, 1970 series) #16 (July 1972)

3 page story "Ed's Young Wife!"

Synopsis A man tries to get his lover's husband out of the way by sawing through the steering column of his car so it will give way on the mountain road, but is surprised to see him when he goes to his lover's abode. The husband tells him he wasn't feeling well that morning so he sent his wife in his place.
Genre Horror
Pencils Ben Brown
Inks David Gantz
Reprinted in Monsters on the Prowl (Marvel, 1971 series) #19 (October 1972)

5 page story "Island of Horror"

Characters Nick Allen; Wheeler; Jeannie; Ronstedt; Morel; Perry
Synopsis A "ghoulish" reporter finds more than he bargained for when he meets with a mysterious stranger on a boat to talk about some local disappearances.
Genre Horror
Pencils Joe Sinnott (signed)
Inks Joe Sinnott (signed)
Reprinted in Monsters on the Prowl (Marvel, 1971 series) #17 (June 1972) [reprint title: Island of Fear!]