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Issue Details

Issue #13
Published December 1952
Cover Price 0.10 USD
Pages 36
Editing Stan Lee

Cover Details - "The Hands of Death!/The Man Who Talked to Rats!/The Visitor!"

Genre Horror
Pencils Bill Everett
Inks Bill Everett (?)

8 page story "Don't Try to Outsmart the Devil!"

Synopsis An evil man makes a bargain with Satan that his heart will never stop beating so that he will live forever, but Satan merely arranges it so that his heart continues to beat after his body has rotted away.
Genre Horror
Script Stan Lee
Pencils Carmine Infantino (?)
Inks Gil Kane (?)
Notes Kane attribution from Infantino per M. Vassallo

5 page story "The Visitor"

Synopsis A man is convinced that controlling visitors exist all around him and when he is confronted by mist he goes off his rocker.
Genre Horror
Pencils George Roussos
Inks George Roussos (?)
Reprinted in Giant-Size Werewolf (Marvel, 1974 series) #3

2 page text story "Sugar is--Death!"

Genre Horror
Pencils Hy Rosen
Inks Hy Rosen (?)
Letters typeset
Notes Illustrations from a Hy Rosen story
Reprinted in Journey Into Mystery (Marvel, 1952 series) #17 (August 1954) [as "Sweet Death"]

5 page story "The Hands of Death"

Synopsis A woman's car breaks down in an area where women have been strangled and since she is frightened she tries to take shelter in a nearby house. The person behind the door is bundled up like an old woman and tells her that she doesn't want to open the door, but the young lady pleads, and she relents. When the woman gets a look at the bundled person's arm, she sees that he is a man, and assumes he is the strangler. She screams, and another man breaks in the door, but the new man on the scene is actually the stranger. The bundled person tosses aside his disguise and kills the strangler, apologizes to the woman for frightening her, and explains that the strangler had murdered his wife and so he had disguised himself as bait.
Genre Horror
Pencils Don Perlin
Inks Abe Simon
Reprinted in Giant-Size Werewolf (Marvel, 1974 series) #3

5 page story "The Man Who Talked to Rats"

Synopsis A man comes across a man who talks to rats in an alley and makes a deal with him to kill his uncle so he will inherit his money. The weird guy sends his rats into the estate to chew up the old guy and the nephew both.
Genre Horror
Pencils Manny Stallman
Inks Manny Stallman (?)
Reprinted in Giant-Size Werewolf (Marvel, 1974 series) #3