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Issue Details

Issue #16
Published February 1953
Frequency monthly
Cover Price 0.10 USD
Pages 36
Editing Stan Lee

Cover Details - "Her Name is Death!/One Must Die!/Man with a Net!/The Executioner!"

Genre Horror
Pencils Russ Heath (signed)
Inks Russ Heath (signed)

5 page story "The Man With the Net"

Pencils Sy Barry
Inks Sy Barry (?)

2 page text story "The Tragic Train"

Genre Horror
Letters Typeset
Reprinted in Journey Into Mystery (Marvel, 1952 series) #19 (November 1954) [as "The Ray Machine"]; in Marvel Masterworks: Atlas Era Journey Into Mystery (Marvel, 2008 series) #2 (2009)

3 page story "My Name is Death!"

Synopsis A story narrated by the Iron Maiden describing the events surrounding her creation.
Genre Horror
Script Stan Lee
Pencils Joe Maneely
Inks Joe Maneely
Reprinted in Kull the Destroyer (Marvel, 1973 series) #14 (June 1974)

6 page story "One Must Die!"

Synopsis A scientist theorizes that if one animal can save its life by killing its mate, it will do so. He tests this theory on gorillas by suspending bananas out of their reach and the male does in fact strangle his mate in order to use her body as a ladder to reach the fruit. When he discovers his wife is cheating on him, he stitches the two lover's shoulders together and dumps them in a cave filled with hungry hyenas and an exit wide enough for only one to fit through and leaves them ax.
Genre Horror
Pencils Ed Winiarski
Inks Ed Winiarski
Reprinted in Dead of Night (Marvel, 1973 series) #5 August 1974

4 page story "The Executioner"

Synopsis Francis Tourneau is an executioner to King Louis XVI of France in the year 1769. He labors to find a more efficient means of executing prisoners. A physician named Joseph-Ignace Guillotin provides him designs for a mechanized decapitation device. The device (dubbed the guillotine) is put into use, but a revolution takes place and the prisoners storm the Bastille. They capture Tourneau who subsequently becomes the guillotine's first victim.
Genre Horror
Pencils Vic Dowling
Inks Bob Stuart
Reprinted in Frankenstein (Marvel, 1973 series) #7

5 page story "It Can't Be Done"

Genre Horror
Pencils Sam Kweskin
Inks Sam Kweskin (?)