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Issue Details

Issue #78
Published June 1952
Cover Price 0.10
Pages 36
Editing Charles Biro; Bob Wood

Cover Details

Characters Crimebuster; Iron Jaw.
Genre superhero
Pencils Charles Biro (signed)
Inks Charles Biro (signed)

11 page Crimebuster story "Iron Jaw's Treasure Hunt"

Characters Crimebuster; Squeeks [a monkey]; Lucy; Mrs. Flynn; Bill Flynn; Boyd; Iron Jaw (villain).
Synopsis Bill Flynn has discovered the location of the sunken S.S. Porpoise that was sunk by the Germans with $85 million in gold still on board, and he gets Crimebuster to try and get to that loot before Iron Jaw does.
Genre superhero
Script Charles Biro (signed)
Pencils Hi Mankin
Inks Hi Mankin
Notes Much info and synopsis added by Craig Delich 1-18-08.
Reprinted in Men of Mystery Comics (AC, 1999 series) #75 (2008)

7 page Crimebuster story "The Criminal Record Racket"

Characters Crimebuster; Squeeks (a monkey).
Genre superhero
Script Charles Biro (signed)
Pencils Hi Mankin?
Inks Hi Mankin?

2 page Little Wise Guys text story "Scarecrow and the Snipe"

Characters The Little Wiseguys: Scarecrow.
Genre adventure
Letters typeset

7 page Crimebuster story "The Adventurers"

Characters Crimebuster; Squeeks [a monkey].
Genre superhero
Script Charles Biro (signed)
Pencils Norman Maurer
Inks Norman Maurer