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Issue Details

Issue #6
Published July 15, 1942
Cover Price 0.10 USD
Pages 68
Editing Otto Binder?

Cover Details

Characters Bulletman; Bulletgirl
Genre superhero
Pencils Charles Sultan
Inks Charles Sultan
Letters typeset
Reprinted in Men of Mystery (AC, 1999 series) #80 (2009)

1 page Contents Page filler

Pencils ? (various artists)
Inks ? (various artists)
Notes Contents Page

13 page Bulletman story "The Engraver"

Characters Bulletman [Jim Barr]; Bulletgirl [Susan Kent]; The Engraver (villain, introduction, death?)
Genre superhero
Notes The Engraver apparently dies in the story, BUT his name is on a petition in issue #9.

10 page Bulletman story "Meet the Mocker"

Characters Bulletman [Jim Barr]; Bulletgirl [Susan Kent]; The Mocker (villain, introduction)
Genre superhero
Reprinted in Bulletman [Mighty Midget Comic] (Samuel E. Lowe & Co., 1942 series) #11

2 page Chubby filler

Characters Chubby
Genre gag
Script Tom McNamara
Pencils Tom McNamara
Inks Tom McNamara
Letters Tom McNamara
Notes Letterer credit added by Craig Delich 2010-1-27.

14 page Bulletman story "The Duke of Burke"

Characters Bulletman [Jim Barr]; Bulletgirl [Susan Kent]; The Duke of Burke [Duke Burke](villain, introduction)
Genre superhero
Pencils Ed Dobrotka?
Inks Ed Dobrotka?

2 page text story "The Devil of Luzon"

Script W. David Johnson (signed)
Letters Typeset

6 page Private Ward story "The Secret Sub Base Search"

Characters Private Ward
Genre gag
Script Bill Ward
Pencils Bill Ward
Inks Bill Ward

12 page Bulletman story "The Slide of Death"

Characters Bulletman [Jim Barr]; Bulletgirl [Susan Kent]
Genre superhero