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Issue Details

Issue V2#6 (19)
Published September 1943
Frequency monthly
Cover Price 0.10 USD
Pages 60
Editing ?
Notes It has been observed by Frank Motler that the mysterious shift from v3#8 to v2#6 in this title lines up with the shift from v2#4 to v3#9 in Captain Aero Comics. Captain Aero did not put out an issue during the month that Cat-Man put out issue v3#8, so if one theorizes a missing v2#5 for that title, and then a switch in indicia numbering, the numbers suddenly make sense. All of this, however, is speculation. The switch corresponds with the first Et-Es-Go issue of Captain Aero, and the 2nd such issue of Cat-Man, both titles being reclaimed by Frank Temerson's latest company from Holyoke.

Cover Details

4 page story "Hog-Bound"

11 page Cat-Man story

7 page Deacon story

6 page Ragman story

6 page Hood story

6 page Little Leaders story

7 page Blackout story

6 page story "The Well-Cooked Cook"