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Issue Details

Issue V3#13 [24]
Published May 1944
Frequency ?
Cover Price 0.10 USD
Pages 52
Editing R. R. Hermann (Managing Editor); F. Z. Temerson (Business Manager)
Notes While this volume/number change appears nonsensical at first glance, note that Captain Aero Comics had just put out it's v3#12 the month before. See this series' v2#6 (19) for another point where these two series' numbers seem to switch. Captain Aero puts out its own v3#13 the next month, and for both series it is the final Et-Es-Go issue before that company is replaced with Continental. Indicia frequency unknown. The Continental issues are bi-monthly but the immediately prior Et-Es-Go issue was monthly despite at least a month gap to either side of it. Likely monthly, but not at all certain.

Cover Details

10 page The Cat-Man and the Kitten story "Bombs Below!"

Characters Capt. David Merriwether [The Catman]; Katie [The Kitten] (David Merriwether's niece)
Genre Superhero

7 page The Deacon and Mickey (or Mickie) story "The Man Who Could Work Miracles"

7 page Blackout story "The Valkyrie!"

Genre Superhero

2 page text story

Letters typeset

7 page The Hood story "The Baron of Monte Carlo"

Characters Major Craig Wood [The Hood]; Rae Herman (his girlfriend)
Genre Superhero

3 page Corny Cobbs story "The Lost Suspenders"

Genre humor
Notes last appearance.

1 page House Ad for 4 Holyoke comics promo (ad from the publisher)

4 page story "The Odd Job Boys"

Genre War; history

6 page story "One Man Army"

Characters Lt. Hugh Barr Miller Jr.
Genre War; history
Pencils Don Rico (signed)