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Issue Details

Issue #29
Published August 1945
Frequency bi-monthly
Cover Price 0.10 USD
Pages 52
Editing ?
Notes Correct story order and text story from Bill via error report.

Cover Details

Characters Cat-Man; Kitten
Genre superhero
Pencils L. B. Cole (signed)
Inks L. B. Cole (signed)

10 page Catman and the Kitten story "The Man Who Conquered Death"

Characters The Cat-Man [Captain Merryweather]; Kitten [Katie]; Inspector Jenkins; Dr. Macabre (villain)
Synopsis After murdering a scientist to get his famed "Z-Ray", Dr. Macabre learns that it has given a deadly gift: death by touch! And the Cat-Man and Kitten must stop him from getting the antidote!
Genre superhero
Pencils Bob Fujitani [as B. Fuji] (signed)
Inks Bob Fujitani [as B. Fuji] (signed)
Reprinted in Golden-Age Greats (AC, 1994 series) #1; in Men of Mystery (AC, 1999 series) #74 (2008)

6 page Molly O'Moore and Scoop Scanlon story "It was the strangest murder case of Molly O'Moore's career..."

Characters Molly O'Moore; Scoop Scanlon
Genre adventure

6 page The Hood story "Portraits of Plunder"

Characters The Hood [Major Tom Wood]; Rae Herman (his fiancée); Happy Hollihan (villain); Pete Pallette (villian); an art Professor (villain)
Genre superhero
Pencils ? (signature in lower right corner of the page is illegible)
Notes Last appearance.

2 page text story "The Cat Came Back"

Letters typeset

6 page story "Hypnosis In Reverse"

Genre adventure
Pencils ? [as Metro] (signed)
Inks ? [as Metro] (signed)

6 page The Deacon and Mickey story "The Zombie Master"

Characters The Deacon; Mickey; Ellen Cole (introduction); Zombie Master (villain; introduction; death); Kuala (villain; introduction; death)
Genre adventure
Pencils Rudy Palais (signed)
Inks Rudy Palais (signed)
Notes Art ID by Lou Mougin.

6 page The Reckoner and Chipper story "Corpses Don't Stay Cold"

Characters The Reckoner [Michael Shayne]; Chipper; Dr. Cole; Mortimer Grayson (introduciton; death); Grayson's former partner (villain; introduction)
Genre adventure

7 page Little Leaders story "Carnival of Crime"

Characters Little Leaders [Mickey; Katie]; Dugger Knight (villain)
Genre adventure
Pencils Rudy Palais [as R. Palais] (signed)
Inks Rudy Palais [as R. Palais] (signed)
Notes Art ID by Lou Mougin.