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Issue Details

Issue #7
Published February-March 1944
Frequency Bi-Monthly
Cover Price 0.10 USD
Pages 60
Editing ?
Notes Copyright 1944, by Oskar Lebeck.

Cover Details

Characters Uncle Wiggily Longears; Sammy Littletail; Susie Littletail; Blackie
Genre Funny Animal

1 page Animal Antics story "Puppy versus Goose"

Genre Funny Animal
Pencils AUG (credited)
Inks AUG (credited)
Notes On inside front cover in black, white and red.

12 page The Adventures of Uncle Wiggily story "Oh, ouch! Oh, dear me and a potato pancake!"

Characters Uncle Wiggily Longears; Nurse Jane Fuzzy Wuzzy; Dr. Possum; Fido Flip-Flop
Synopsis Fido Flip-Flop teaches Uncle Wiggily how to flip.
Genre Funny Animal
Notes Copr. 1944 by Howard R. Garris.

9 page Hector the Henpecked Rooster story "No, fellers, I don't think I'll play checkers with you tonight"

Characters Hector the Henpecked Rooster; Mrs. Bertha Henpeck; Herman
Genre Funny Animal
Pencils Rube Grossman (credited)
Inks Rube Grossman (credited)
Notes Copr. 1944 by Famous Studios.

Half page Statement of Ownership, Management, Circulation, Etc. statement of ownership "Statement of Ownership, Management, Circulation, Etc."

Genre Fact
Letters typeset

4 page text story "Little Peter Penguin"

Characters Little Peter Penguin; Mother Penguin; Mr. Sea-lion
Genre Funny Animal
Letters typeset

8 page story "Little Brother to the King"

Characters King Leo the Lion; Joey Jackal

5 page Muggins Mouse story "One morning little Muggins Mouse passed by a big white rat"

Characters Muggins Mouse; Susy Mouse
Genre Funny Animal
Script Marjorie Barrows (credited)
Pencils Marjorie Barrows (credited)
Inks Marjorie Barrows (credited)

9 page Blackie story "How to Outsmart a Wolf"

Characters Blackie; The Wolf
Genre Funny Animal
Pencils Tom Golden [credited as Tom G.]
Inks Tom Golden [credited as Tom G.]
Notes Copr. 1944 by Famous Studios.

8 page story "Ginger"

Characters Ginger; Frog Brothers; Fagan the Fox
Genre Funny Animal

1 page activity "Colograph Valentine"

Notes On inside back cover.

1 page Animal Antics story "Monkey Versus Football"

Genre Funny Animal
Pencils AUG (credited)
Inks AUG (credited)
Notes Back cover.