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Issue Details

Issue #23
Published October-November 1946
Frequency Bi-Monthly
Cover Price 0.10 USD
Pages 52
Editing ?
Notes Copyright 1946, by Oskar Lebeck.

Cover Details

Characters Pogo; Captain Churchy La Femme
Genre Funny Animal
Pencils Walt Kelly
Inks Walt Kelly

2 page text story "Snow-Nose the Prairie Pup"

Characters Father Prairie Dog; Snow-Nose; Banjo Eyes; Mother Prairie Dog
Letters typeset
Notes On inside front and back covers in black, white and red.

12 page Albert and Pogo story "Yoo hoo, dere, Pogo"

Characters Albert; Pogo; Captain Churchy La Femme; Howland Owl
Genre Funny Animal
Script Walt Kelly
Pencils Walt Kelly
Inks Walt Kelly

1 page story "Freddy Frog"

Characters Freddy Frog

10 page Uncle Wiggily story "Uncle Wiggily! Uncle Wiggily"

Characters Uncle Wiggily Longears; Nurse Jane Fuzzy Wuzzy; Sammy Littletail; Susie Littletail; Grandma Goosey Gander; Mrs. Twisty-Tail Pig; Wolf (villain); Bad Tramp Bobcat (villain); Skillery Scallery Alligator (villain)
Genre Funny Animal
Notes Copr. 1946 by Howard R. Garris.

2 page story "The Donkey's Dilemma"

Characters Dobbin

10 page Rover story "Rover and Red, reunited now after Rover's escape"

Characters Rover; Red; Chipper
Synopsis Rover helps rescue a little girl.
Genre Adventure
Script Dan Noonan
Pencils Dan Noonan
Inks Dan Noonan

2 page story "What's the Purpose of the Porpoise"

10 page Goozy story "Goozy and me, Pecan the Parrot, just saw a safari"

Characters Goozy; Pecan the Parrot; Moo-Moo; Fandango; Lumbago; Mrs. Elfalant; Willy the Quarry
Genre Funny Animal
Script Walt Kelly
Pencils Walt Kelly
Inks Walt Kelly

1 page story "The Magician's Rabbit"

1 page Uncle Wiggily story

Characters Uncle Wiggily Longears
Genre Funny Animal
Notes Back cover. Story is told in pantomime.
Reprinted in The Toon Treasury of Classic Children's Comics (Harry N. Abrams, 2009 series) #[nn]