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Issue Details

Issue #25
Published February-March 1947
Frequency Bi-Monthly
Cover Price 0.10 USD
Pages 52
Editing ?
Notes Copyright 1947, by Oskar Lebeck.

Cover Details - "Belle of the Swampland"

Characters Albert; Pogo; Uncle Wiggily Longears; Rover; Jigger; Mooch
Genre Funny Animal
Pencils Walt Kelly; John Stanley; Dan Noonan; ?
Inks Walt Kelly; John Stanley; Dan Noonan; ?

2 page Photo Zoo text article "Baby tigers at the Bronx Zoo!"

Pencils New York Zoological Society (photos)
Inks New York Zoological Society (photos)
Letters typeset
Notes 6 photos of baby tigers at the bronx zoo. On inside front and back covers in black and white.

10 page Albert and Pogo story "Only one fing to do to git old Albert to acquire a little culture!"

Characters Albert; Pogo; Howland Owl; Willy de Weevil; Captain Churchy La Femme; Screamin' Mamie
Genre Funny Animal
Script Walt Kelly
Pencils Walt Kelly
Inks Walt Kelly

6 page Jigger story "Hey! Wait for me, willya?"

Characters Jigger; Mooch; Lady Gwendolen
Synopsis Mooch is infatuated with a female dog.
Genre Funny Animal
Script John Stanley
Pencils John Stanley
Inks John Stanley

10 page Uncle Wiggily story "Uncle W-iggily! Nurse Ja-a-ane!"

Characters Uncle Wiggily Longears; Nurse Jane Fuzzy Wuzzy; Sammy Littletail; Susie Littletail; Bruno
Genre Funny Animal
Notes Copr. 1947 by Howard R. Garris.

11 page Rover story "The sailboat Gull, with Rover and Red..."

Characters Rover; Red; Mike Redmond; Fearless; Mr. Parkes; Pedro (villain); Senior Grims (villain); Juan (villain)
Synopsis Red's sailboat is attacked by drug smugglers, but Rover is able to help stop them.
Genre Adventure
Script Dan Noonan
Pencils Dan Noonan
Inks Dan Noonan

1 page activity "Win an Original Drawing!"

1 page story "Water Bunnies"

Genre Funny Animal

3 page text story "Prickly Pesky Porcupines"

Script Wilfrid Bronson
Pencils Morris Gollub [as M. Gollub]
Inks Morris Gollub [as M. Gollub]
Letters typeset

1 page story "Animal Babies"

5 page story "Where the Buffalo Roam"

1 page text story "Old Man Bear"

Letters typeset
Notes Three line poem with single illustration on back cover.