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Issue Details

Issue #27
Published June-July 1947
Frequency Bi-Monthly
Cover Price 0.10 USD
Pages 52
Editing ?
Notes Copyright 1947, by Oskar Lebeck.

Cover Details

Characters Albert; Pogo; Rover; Fearless
Genre Funny Animal; Adventure
Pencils Walt Kelly; Dan Noonan
Inks Walt Kelly; Dan Noonan
Letters typeset
Reprinted in The Toon Treasury of Classic Childrens' Comics (Harry N. Abrams, 2009 series) [nn]

2 page Photo Zoo text article "The Giant Panda"

Genre Fact
Pencils New York Zoological Society (photos)
Inks New York Zoological Society (photos)
Letters typeset
Notes 6 photos of monkeys at the bronx zoo. On inside front and back covers in black and white.

9 page Rover story "There is nothing worse than being out of water at sea"

Characters Rover; Red; Mike Redmond; Fearless; Don Alfredo De Hernandez (first appearance); Antonia (first appearance)
Synopsis Red and Mike arrive on Buena Vista Island, and help capture an evil priestess.
Genre Adventure
Script Dan Noonan
Pencils Dan Noonan
Inks Dan Noonan

8 page Jigger story "Stop complainin', will ya?"

Characters Jigger; Mooch
Synopsis Jigger and Mooch try to fish for their food.
Genre Funny Animal
Script John Stanley
Pencils John Stanley
Inks John Stanley

10 page Albert and Pogo story "No two ways 'bout it, Albert"

Characters Albert; Pogo; Howland Owl; Willy de Weevil; Captain Churchy La Femme
Synopsis Albert and Pogo try to learn how to play cricket.
Genre Funny Animal
Script Walt Kelly
Pencils Walt Kelly
Inks Walt Kelly

8 page Chuckwagon Charley's Tales story "The Starvation Twins"

Characters Chuckwagon Charley (first appearance); Pat (first appearance); Pete (first appearance); Red Flame (a horse); Ed Banks
Script Gaylord DuBois ?
Pencils Morris Gollub ?
Inks Morris Gollub ?
Notes Pat and Pete are named in Animal Comics #28.

3 page text story "Nibs A Little Deer of the Adirondacks"

Characters Jim Barkley; Rip (a dog); Nibs (a deer)
Script Don Lang (credited)
Pencils Morris Gollub [as M. Gollub]
Inks Morris Gollub [as M. Gollub]
Letters typeset

10 page Uncle Wiggily story "Jimmie Wibble-Wobble, the Duck Boy, would like this Sammie"

Characters Uncle Wiggily Longears; Nurse Jane Fuzzy Wuzzy; Sammy Littletail; Susie Littletail; Buggsy; Jimmy Wibble-Wobble; Mrs. Wibble-Wobble; Red Monkey; Bad Fox (villain); Skillery-Scallery Alligator (villain)
Synopsis Jimmy Wibble-Wobble runs away, and Uncle Wiggily and Buggsy must find him.
Genre Funny Animal
Notes Copr. 1947 by Howard R. Garris.

1 page text story "The alligator snaps in vain"

Notes Poem with single illustration on back cover.