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Issue Details

Issue #18
Published September 1976
Cover Price $0.30
Pages 36
Editing George Wildman

Cover Details

Characters Dino
Genre humor

5 page Dino story "Love And War"

Characters Dino; Pati; Pebbles Flintstone; Rocky; Bamm-Bamm Rubble
Genre humor

6 page Dino story "Fun House Follies"

Characters Dino; Wilma Flintstone; Pebbles Flintstone; Fred Flintstone
Genre humor

4 page Dino story "Taxation Trauma$"

Characters Fred Flintstone; Dino; Wilma Flintstone; J.P. Grafstone [evil senator]
Genre humor

4 page Dino story "Fetch, Dino!"

Characters Fred Flintstone; Dino; Barney Rubble; Wilma Flintstone; Betty Rubble; Pebbles Flintstone
Genre humor

3 page Dino story "Bet Fret"

Characters Barney Rubble; Fred Flintstone; Dino
Genre humor

2 page Flintstones text story "Thief Relief"

Characters Fred Flintstone; Wilma Flintstone; Dino
Genre humor
Letters typeset