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Issue Details

Issue #30
Published August 1993
Cover Price $1.25
Pages 36
Editing Nel Yomtov

Cover Details

Characters Darkhawk
Genre Superhero
Pencils Tod Smith
Inks Ian Akin
Letters Typeset

22 page Darkhawk story "This Evil Unleashed"

Characters Darkhawk; Beast; Iceman; Rogue; Spider-Woman; Strong Guy; Professor X; Hulk; Thing; Spider-Man; Multiple Man; Beetle; Human Torch; Wolverine; Namorita; Speedball; Cyclops; Psylocke
Synopsis Darkhawk battles the embodiment of the evil suppressed by the Goddess.
Genre Superhero
Script Danny Fingeroth
Pencils Anghony Williams
Inks Ian Akin
Colors Troy Sayers
Letters Bill Oakley
Notes Infinity Crusade crossover; For a complete list of Infinity Crusade crossover comics, please see the series info page for the Infinity Crusade limited series.