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Issue Details

Issue #21
Published May-June 1955
Cover Price 0.10 USD
Pages 36
Editing Richard E. Hughes

Cover Details

Genre Western
Pencils Ogden Whitney?

8 page Hooded Horseman story

Characters Hooded Horseman; Flash; Jigger Johnson
Synopsis The Hooded Horseman finds himself wanted after Jigger Johnson impersonates him and robs a bank.
Genre Western
Pencils Ogden Whitney

3 page Flash story

Characters Flash; Hooded Horseman
Synopsis Flash is wrongly accused of killing sheep until he kills the eagle that is responsible.
Genre Western
Pencils Ogden Whitney

1 page text story "Never the Twain Shall Meet!"

Characters Bob Martin; Slim Randall
Synopsis A cowpoke and tenderfoot gain mutual respect for each other after brawling for one hour.
Genre Western
Letters Typeset

6 page Johnny Injun story

Characters Johnny Injun; Chief Running Deer; Mattu; Wapita (Mattu's son)
Synopsis Johnny Injun (a paleface raised among Indians) saves Wapita from thugs who have kidnapped him.
Genre Western

1 page text story "Old Sly"

Characters Big Jim Morrison; "Old Sly" (a female cougar)
Synopsis Big Jim can't bring himself to kill "Old Sly" even though the cougar has killed many cattle.
Genre Western
Letters Typeset

8 page Cowboy Sahib story

Characters Cowboy Sahib; Ahmed (leader of a band of raiders); Aga of Mahout (leader of all bandits in northern India);
Synopsis Cowboy Sahib captures Aga after spending a spell as his prisoner.
Genre Western
Pencils Harry Lazarus
Notes "Cowboy Sahib remained in India after the war, and became ruler of Larijuna when he won the mystic ring of empire from its Sultan!"