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Issue Details

Issue #[1]
Published October-December 1962
Frequency [none]
Cover Price 0.12 USD
Pages 36
Editing Helen Meyer (president); William F. Callahan, Jr. (executive vice-president); Harold Clark (vice-president/advertising director); Bryce L. Holland (vice-president)
Notes Cover code #: 12-562-212. Copyright © 1962 by Videocraft International, Ltd. Designed and produced by Dell Publishing Co., Inc.

Cover Details

Characters Pinocchio; Chirping Cricket
Genre Fantasy

2 page Pinocchio foreword, introduction, preface, afterword "Do you have a fairy guardian angel?"

Characters Blue Faery [as Blue Fairy]
Genre Fantasy
Letters typeset
Notes Introduction and afterwords to the story on inside front and inside back covers in black and white.

32 page Pinocchio story "The New Adventures of Pinocchio"

Characters Pinocchio; Gepetto; Chirping Cricket; Nick Beat; Mr. Elder; Foxy Q. Fibble; Cool S. Cat; Professor Glockenspiel; Zazabel
Synopsis Pinocchio begins his quest to find the Blue Faery.
Genre Fantasy

1 page Post Cereal advertisement "Free! Football Trading Cards on all 12 Post Cereals!"

Characters Paul Hornung; Sam Huff
Genre Sports
Notes Back cover.