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Issue Details

Issue #64
Published February 1947
Cover Price 0.10 USD

Cover Details

2 page Porky; Petunia; Bugs; Cicero text story "Bugs Bunny Welcomes the New Year"

Genre funny animal
Letters typeset
Notes Inside front and back covers of comic.

12 page Bugs Bunny story "B-b-b-Bugs, would you c-care to join m-m-me in a m-m-malt?"

Genre funny animal

8 page Sniffles & Mary Jane story "Oh, goody! It's time for my favorite radio program!"

Genre funny animal

12 page Porky Pig story "Lookit, Mommy! Lookit Fat Stuff! Ha! Ha!"

Genre funny animal

8 page Henery Hawk story "Hurry, Henery, or you'll be late to school!"

Genre funny animal

8 page Elmer Fudd story "Bobo the Great!"

Notes Title taken from sign in first panel.